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Proud to be partnering with UNICEF

At Boråstapeter we are incredibly proud of our collaboration with UNICEF, through which we are supporting their vital work to give more children around the world the right to a better start in life.

Millions of children around the world are affected by poverty, poor health and a lack of care in their first years of life, which impairs their crucial development. Boråstapeter supports UNICEF’s work, which is why we are making a contribution to help the most vulnerable children, so that they can have a better chance at as good a start in life as possible.

For every roll of wallpaper sold from our Scandinavian Designers Mini children’s collection, we will donate SEK 15 to UNICEF’s work in aid of vulnerable children.

“Boråstapeter’s collaboration with UNICEF is an important aspect of our corporate social responsibility, and we are absolutely delighted to be able to help to improve the situation of vulnerable children around the world. By investing in children, we are also investing in the future and development of our world,” says Olle Svensk, CEO, Boråstapeter.

Vital aid for millions of children in crisis

UNICEF works to ensure that every child survives and thrives. Last year they were on the ground in 285 humanitarian emergencies around the world, providing millions of children with vital nutrition, medical care, clean water and protection.

Conflicts are the primary reason why people are in need of humanitarian support the world over. As a result of many protracted conflicts, more children were in need of aid in 2018. As many as 420 million children – one fifth of the world’s children – live in conflict areas.

Last year, UNICEF was on the ground in 285 humanitarian emergencies in 90 different countries, ensuring that millions of children received vital assistance with healthcare, nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene, education and protection.

Alaa, 18 months, has fled the violence in Syria and is being treated for diarrhoea at a UN-supported clinic in Jordan. UNICEF has supplied 15 trucks of clean water, nutrition and hygiene products to the area to protect children against diarrhoea, dehydration, fever and malnourishment. Photo: © UNICEF/Jenkins

The crisis in Yemen is one of the biggest in the world, and the lack of medical care and clean water poses a major risk for outbreaks of disease. Thanks to UNICEF’s appeals, 732,000 people were vaccinated against cholera. These initiatives helped to stave off one of the biggest cholera outbreaks ever, reducing the number of new cases from one million to 370,000. Photo: © UNICEF/Al-Haj

UNICEF is on the ground in most countries in the world, so can quickly reach vulnerable children in order to give them the help they need. They also ensure that children are protected from violence and abuse. When their most acute needs are met, UNICEF ensures that the children can continue their education and get support to process their traumatic experiences. They also work to reunite families that have been separated.

In 2018, among other things, UNICEF’s emergency appeals have helped to:

  • treat 3.4 million for severe acute malnutrition, 88 per cent of whom recovered during the year.
  • provide 6.9 million children with access to education.
  • vaccinate 19.6 million children against measles.
  • provide 43.6 million people with access to clean water.

Thanks to UNICEF’s supporters, partners and staff on the ground in emergencies, millions of children the world over have received vital support. But the conflicts continue, and many children are still in need of acute help.

You can help the fight for children affected by crises and conflicts. Give a gift to UNICEF today:



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