Green wallpaper

Green is a colour that’s widely associated with the luscious beauty of nature. It's said to induce a sense of freshness and harmony, it helps to create rooms where you can feel relaxed and refreshed by your beautiful surroundings.

Tips and inspiration

Available in an array of striking shades, our green wallpapers have something for everyone. With everything from simple single colour designs through to delicate florals patterns, classic stripes and bold geometric patterns, we’re sure to have a green wallpaper to complement your interior styling.

Light green or dark green wallpaper?

A dark green wallpaper creates a cosy, yet elegant atmosphere. A light green wallpaper gives a brighter, more airy impression. A warm, light green wallpaper can evoke spring feelings while also giving a more muted feel to the room.

Patterned or plain?

The type of green wallpaper you choose will of course depend on the style you like and what your home looks like. When it comes to green wallpaper, choosing an organic pattern such as flowers, trees or leaves can be very effective. If you want a more pared-back style on your green wall, we have several single-colour, green wallpapers to choose from. With a surface texture such as linen or shimmering metallic, the wall will nevertheless have a vivid expression.

Toplist: Green wallpaper

A green wallpaper creates a calm, harmonious feel in the room. Green is also easy to combine with other colours.

Good to know about green wallpaper

  • The colour green represents nature, balance and success.
  • It is one of the most popular wallpaper colours.
  • Green wallpapers fit well in bedrooms because they make us calm and counteract nightmares.
  • Green is easy to combine with other colours but also looks great matched with different tones of green.


Green wallpaper favourites at Boråstapeter

As Sweden's largest wallpaper brand, we are proud to represent Scandinavian wallpaper design across the world. Our wide selection of green wallpapers is available as patterned and single-coloured wallpapers, in everything from the brightest lime blossom green to warm olive green and the darkest moss green.


We make wallpaper easy

Our EasyUp wallpaper is so clean and simple to hang, as demonstrated by interior design blogger Kristin Lagerqvist, in this short video. And why not order wallpaper samples online for direct delivery to your home, so you know you've made the right choice before you order a roll?


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