Yellow Wallpaper

The colour of sunshine, yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and positive energy. It is the ideal choice for creating bright and beautiful spaces!

Tips & inspiration

Yellow wallpaper works well with an array of different aesthetics, from pretty vintage styling through to more adventurous art deco alternatives.

Which yellow wallpaper should I choose?

A bright yellow illuminates the entire room and lifts the feeling of everything that surrounds it. A milder, more muted yellow hue is more subtle, but far from boring. The warmer the yellow tone the more energy it gives. We have yellow wallpapers in all shades, and it is also good to know that all our wallpapers have high opacity. That means they cover well, even in light yellow shades. In other words, there is no risk of the underlying wall being showing through.

Decorate with yellow accents

If you like yellow, it often works well to choose a patterned wallpaper in several colours and pick up the exact yellow accent, for example using furniture or textiles in the same shade. This is a great way to get a lovely yellow colour in the room without completely yellowing the room. We have patterned and bright yellow wallpapers for retro kitchens, children's rooms, workplaces and, well, every room in the home!


Yellow wallpaper

Yellow wallpaper favourites at Boråstapeter

As Sweden's best-known wallpaper brand, we release several new collections a year. And, since we love yellow wallpaper, it features in many of our designs. Find everything from chic and simple pastels to bold and extravagant patterns whose yellow palettes pop. We have a choice to suit every room and taste. Why not order yellow wallpaper samples on our website for direct delivery to your home?

We make wallpaper easy

Our EasyUp wallpaper allows you to apply wallpaper paste directly to the wall and hang your wallpaper straight on top. It makes hanging wallpaper so clean and simple, as demonstrated by interior design blogger Kristin Lagerqvist, in this short video.


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