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Bedroom wallpapers

Wallpaper works best in the bedroom

Your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary, and as such, it should reflect your unique personality more than any other room in your home. A place where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long and tiring day, its interior appearance ought to be harmonious, serene and soothing.

When you dress walls with wallpaper, you get a warm, cosy feeling that is difficult to create with colour alone. If you choose a bedroom wallpaper with structure, for example a velvet-like flock surface, this effect becomes even more evident. Wallpaper is a relatively simple way to create a unique, personal and homely atmosphere in the bedroom.

Bedroom wallpapers in different styles

What is it you want to feel when you enter your bedroom? That feeling should guide your choice of bedroom wallpaper. Natural patterns are suitable for those who want a quiet, oasis to relax in. To develop that further, you could choose a wallpaper with natural motifs like a forest or a sea-inspired pattern, can be very effective. Do you like the traditional styling, then maybe a rustic wallpaper with floral patterns will be perfect? If you prefer a more minimalist bedroom, there are many beautiful single-colored wallpaper where the focus is wallpaper's colour tone and surface.

Colour tips for your bedroom wallpaper

  • Green works well for bedroom wallpapers it makes you calm (and can even counteract nightmares).
  • Blue shades are also popular in bedrooms because they create a cool atmosphere. You can balance the cold, blue tones with wood and other natural materials.
  • Pink is another colour that has a calming effect. If it feels too sugary, choose a more muted shade or balance it with black or dark grey.
  • A bedroom wallpaper in red tones can also be lovely. Red is the colour of love – warm, passionate and a little adventurous!

Both classic and modern at Boråstapeter

Boråstapeter is Sweden's most famous and best-selling wallpaper brand. Every year we launch new wallpaper collections with wallpapers for bedrooms in a classic, timeless style and also modern options for the trend conscious. Here we have gathered inspiration for the walls in your bedroom – click to order a sample online to your home!


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