Dining room wallpaper

Tips on how to choose the right wallpaper for your dining room.

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Dining room wallpapers

A central part of home and life

The dining area is were we eat and socialize. The right dining room wallpaper can really give the room soul. Wallpaper is always a great way to create a well-dressed and cosy feel, as well as a personalized touch to the interior. Here are some tips on how to choose the right wallpaper for the dining room.

Which wallpaper style suits your dining room?

It's important to choose a dining room wallpaper that matches your personal style. Perhaps that's a romantic and traditional country style wallpaper or a shimmering metallic wallpaper for a modern, urban feel. Whether you choose stripes, flower or medallions, it should be a wallpaper you really like.

Also consider how the room will be used. Should it be an easy-going, family-friendly space or do you want to create a more formal dining room which is used for entertaining guests and on special occasions. It's important that the dining room wallpaper matches how you intend to use the room.

If you're not sure – look to the past

If you're not sure what style to go for, then looking to the history of the room for inspiration. What did the wallpapers look like when your apartment or house was built? Following the spirit of the time when choosing wallpaper can achieve great results. Maybe a classic art wallpaper or a retro pattern from the 1960s would suit your dining area?

Wallpapering made easy

Our EasyUp wallpaper makes wallpapering a room quick and easy – simply add paste directly to the wall and hang the wallpaper up! Watch this video how to hang wallpaper by Kristin Lagerqvist, founder of interior design blog Krickelin.

Colour tips for your dining room wallpaper

  • Green and blue are calm colours that help us to relax.
  • Yellow is a vibrant colour that gives energy and makes us happy.
  • Red dining room wallpaper adds warmth, passion and energy to the room. It's also believed to increase people's appetite!

Inspiration for dining room wallpapers

As Sweden's most popular wallpaper brand, we have a wide selection of dining room wallpaper for all tastes. Here we have gathered inspiration for dining rooms in many different styles. You can easily order samples online to see how the wallpaper works in home's dining area.


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