Kitchen wallpapers

Tips for finding your perfect kitchen wallpaper.

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Kitchen wallpapers

The kitchen is the heart of any home

The place where you gather to cook, eat, chat, and maybe even do some school homework! Unsurprisingly, many people think that the kitchen is the most important room in their home. We often spend a lot of time getting the right decor in the kitchen.

While, a lot of tile and stainless steel can feel a little sterile, wallpaper is an easy way to create that cosy, warm and homely feel in the kitchen. Our EasyUp wallpaper also simplifies hanging wallpaper – mess-free and stress-free.

The style sets the feeling

We have kitchen wallpapers in all styles, whether you want a classic, timeless wallpaper or a modern, urban wallpaper to suit your metropolitan life and home. Our romantic kitchen wallpapers can create a rustic look and if you are looking for a retro kitchen wallpaper from a special era, then we have wallpapers inspired by best-sellers dating back to 1905!

The special quality of having wallpaper is the depth of feeling it gives to rooms. The structure of the wallpaper itself can add to the interest and style of the room. From kitchen wallpaper with a linen structure or a powdery chalk surface, with patterns ranging from classic stripes to sparkling flowers or cool graphic designs – what's your style?

Colour tips for your kitchen wallpaper

  • A green kitchen wallpaper creates a natural calm and green is one of our most popular wallpaper colours.
  • A yellow wallpaper adds energy and joy.
  • If you choose a blue wallpaper for the kitchen, you can create a calm atmosphere.
  • A red wallpaper adds warmth, passion, optimism and energy in the kitchen.
  • Pastel colours make the kitchen feel larger. You get the same effect with a light grey or white kitchen wallpaper.
  • A white wallpaper in the kitchen is classic and timeless but do think about the splashes of pasta sauce!

Wide selection of kitchen wallpapers

As Sweden's best-known and sold wallpaper brand, we at Boråstapeter have a large selection of kitchen wallpapers. On this page we have gathered inspiration for kitchens in many different styles. Order samples on our website for home delivery and see which wallpaper works best in your kitchen!


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