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The perfect wallpaper for work

A place to craft and create, your office should be the most productive of spaces. In order to stimulate your creativity and nurture your abilities, it must be somewhere you enjoy spending time, which is why its interior aesthetic is essential.

Decorating a work space is fun but it can feel a bit clumsy if, for example, it should also function as a guest bedroom. With wallpaper you can easily dress the work room in the right feeling. First, consider how to use the room. If you want to find energy and create an inspiring environment, a colourful wallpaper can be right for your office. If you need a quiet, undisturbed place, we recommend a more restful wallpaper, maybe a single colour or with a discreet pattern.

Colour tips for your home office wallpaper

No matter what style you want in your study, the colour is something you should think about. The colour of the wallpaper can affect both the feeling in the room and your performance!

  • Blue wallpaper in the work room provides calm and contributes to less stress. Studies have shown that students get better test results when they write tests in blue rooms.
  • A yellow wallpaper in the office creates energy and can give you better confidence.
  • Grey and black wallpapers show authority, discipline and strength, but keep in mind that dark shades can make the room feel smaller.
  • Pastel colours, light grey and white can make the work space feel bigger and brighter.

Large selection of wallpapers for office and study

Boråstapeter is Sweden's best known and sold wallpaper brand and every year we launch new wallpaper collections, designed and produced in Borås. Below we have collected wallpapers for home offices and studies in many different styles. Which works best for you?


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