Borosan Papper 17

Borosan is a wide-ranging wallpaper collection that embraces many styles to suit all sorts of rooms. The wallpapers are not only environmentally sustainable; they are also very easy to work with.

Give your room a character that exudes quality. Wallpaper patterns in different colours and styles, with a classic yet modern look. Borosan is truly the result of many years’ expertise and experience.

With a design team that is passionate about creating new patterns and colour compositions, we have developed high-quality wallpapers that represent a real dedication to sustainability and Swedish production.


A classic striped pattern, Adam is a timeless wallpaper design, able to add elegance and calm, visual harmony to almost any room.


Garden is a classic expression of decorative, tightly intertwined plant and leaf motifs. Its elegant, timeless look creates calmness and visual harmony no matter the interior or furnishing style.


White in appearance but with graphic, playful stripes in shining mother of pearl, Nova is an elegant, eye-catching compliment to any interior.


Within Loop’s design, detailed, hand-drawn rings create an enchanting, stylish and playful graphic look. Available in several colours, each one offering distinctly different character.


Allround is a classic, single colour Borosan wallpaper with structure, relief and singular character.


With its sparse, visually poetic characteristics and diffuse, watercolour foliage motif, Dream represents the best of modern Nordic wallpaper design.


Molly’s grey and black floral and leaf motifs create captivating, random patterns against its white backdrop. Timeless, versatile and always subtly eye-catching, this wallpaper adds visual vibrancy to any interior.


Graphically striking, yet subtly executed, within Theo’s inverted pyramid shapes discover a soft, tactile surface – matches perfectly with our one-colour wallpaper, Surface.


Simple yet captivating, Canvas is a genuine surface print wallpaper that subtly imitates a rough canvas weave. A celebration of 50’s design in modern form, enjoy this versatile, all-round wallpaper.


Inspired by nature’s organic beauty, Ella’s hand-painted honeysuckle winds its way beautifully up the wall, creating a classic, elegant look - matches perfectly with our one-colour wallpaper, Surface.


Curve’s soft lined graphics and ‘pattern within a pattern’ look create a diffuse yet structured feel to any wall.


Within Alice’s stylised, intertwining greenery, charming apple motifs and clean, simple line drawings, there are hints of 50’s nostalgia – a charming, attractive backdrop for both modern and traditionally furnished rooms.


Surface is our single-colour wallpaper with a subtle, almost imperfectly finished effect to its surface. Its depth and structure create a harmonic backdrop and an ideal canvas on which to use diverse furnishings and colours.


Multi-layered leafs, ferns and other greenery play out over a neutral backdrop, creating modern, botanic charm and a wallpaper of singular character.


A single-colour wallpaper, Anton has a striped structure with relief and a distinct tactile feeling – a perfect, sober backdrop with a visual twist.


Although it is often first perceived as single colour, Tone presents faint stripes over a warm, comforting range of colours.


Albin’s striped structure and relief make it a single-colour wallpaper with enough personality to harmonise with diverse interior styles.


Décor features an intricate series of elegant, decorative medallions framed in a detailed lattice network of criss-crossing floral stalks.


With its delicate stripes in shining, mother of pearl, Shimmer is an understated, classic wallpaper with a character all of its own.


Leaf’s small, intricate pattern creates an almost single-colour look on the wall. Modern yet with hints of classic, nature themes, this genuine surface print paper offers soothing, relaxed vibes.


Long plant stalks with delicate leafs in glimmering mother of pearl give Linn calm, elegant visual confidence as well as a unique look for any wall.


With its larger plant and flower motifs in elegant, shining mother of pearl, Elvira exudes timeless character and irresistible charm.


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