Borosan EasyUp 17

For over 60 years, Borosan EasyUp has been crafted with care and passion. Today, it is our most varied and beloved wallpaper collection – just as stylish as it is easy to hang.

Borosan’s aesthetic appeal lies in its wide range of patterns. This impressive variety means the collection can enhance a multitude of different interior styles and fit within different types of rooms. To follow today’s trends, choose between graphic looks with natural themes, block-colour wallpapers or decorative floral patterns.

All of our wallpapers cover the surface beneath, so no painting is required before hanging the wallpaper. Borosan is truly a result of expertise and experience. Our design team is passionate about creating new patterns and colour compositions. This, combined with our high-quality Swedish production and a real dedication to sustainability, makes it easy to understand why both artisans and private individuals have chosen Borosan since 1956.


Agnes offers modern romance and visual attraction through its clean design, stylised, uncluttered floral and leaf motifs and its tactile surface.


Meadow is a genuine, intricately designed surface print wallpaper highlighting natural themes including flower silhouettes and blades of grass set against a summer meadow.


Angel is a modern, white, tone-on-tone wallpaper featuring a linear, graphic, sketched pattern. Mesmerising yet subtle, it creates a beautiful backdrop for diverse furnishing styles.


Love features a modern, multi-coloured graphic pattern against a white background. The motifs themselves are retro-style flowers, leaves and hearts on stalks and together with a subtle woven effect, the entire impression is eye-catching and timeless.


A single-colour wallpaper with a rustic, linen structure, Textile gives the wall a soft, almost upholstered feel and a warm, comforting appearance.

Retro weave

Intricately patterned wallpaper with a modern retro feel, Retro Weave has been designed to create a calm backdrop and can be used as both a patterned and one-colour design.


Décor features an intricate series of elegant, decorative medallions framed in a detailed lattice network of criss-crossing floral stalks.


With inspiration from Swedish folklore, Nora is a classic, retro-style wallpaper with a detailed, meandering pattern, joyful design language and diverse, soft, natural colours.


With its classic, wide stripes and modern yet timeless character, Leo is the ideal wallpaper for larger spaces or rooms.

Soft Ornament

A classic, decorative patterned wallpaper with romantic tones. Soft Ornament’s intricate hand-drawn motifs create a gentle, detailed backdrop, adding distinct character to diverse interiors.

Wooden panel

Clean, linear and graphic, this pattern subtly recalls the imperfectly vertical, roughly finished look of natural wood panelling.

Linen Rose

Stylised, rose inspired motifs with a rustic, linen structure and uncluttered design form – Linen Rose gives any room a visual appeal that is soft and almost upholstered in nature.


Elegant and simple, Plain is a single-colour wallpaper with a clean, smooth surface ideal for creating a palette on which diverse interior styles can come to life.


Sparse yet intricate, Eden’s romantic hand-sketched floral motifs and subtle colours mean it can be perceived as both minimalist and detailed and as such, it is ideal for many different interior styles and environments.

Linen Star

Linen Star features large, striking white star motifs against a subtly coloured backdrop with a tactile, linen type structure.


Complex in detail, simple in its execution. Anna is a classic, surface print wallpaper with a trellis pattern featuring intricate, intertwined leaf patterns against a subtly contrasting backdrop.


Surface is our single-colour wallpaper with a subtle, almost imperfectly finished effect to its surface. Its depth and structure create a harmonic backdrop and an ideal canvas on which to use diverse furnishings and colours.


A classic striped pattern, Adam is a timeless wallpaper design, able to add elegance and calm, visual harmony to almost any room.


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