Embracing simplicity and the beauty that comes with age, this expertly crafted collection covers 49 authentic and stylish wallpapers. Its timeless and rustic style is created with a focus on sustainability.

This collection’s popularity lies in its versatile palette of earthy hues expressed with a poetic chalky effect. 

Discover your perfect wallpaper across the Chalk collection’s wonderfully dreamy and authentic collection of 49 lovely expressions. Reflecting the natural beauty of chalk, choose from a chalk effect with a hand-painted finish, whitewash expressions and two-tone designs. With its earthy hues, simple designs and tactile character this wallpaper collection is ideal for adding a rustic touch to kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. 

Sophisticated greys

Beautiful shades of grey work well in any room. Ranging from white limestone and graphite grey to slightly colder tones with a hint of blue.

Wall Mural
Chalk 5090

Chalk Mural

Elegant blues

From dark blue to light, cool grey-blue tones to warmer palettes. Our blue wallpapers are ideal for richly furnished spaces and relaxing rooms.

Chalk 5076

Shades Opal

Chalk 5078

Shades Charoit

Golden ochres

Add warmth and cosiness to rooms with tones of light sand and golden ochre. Our tip for a future interior design trend.

Chalk 5057

Shades Chalk

Chalk 5062

Shades Jasper

Chalk 5063

Shades Calcite

Earthy browns

A soft, calm and sophisticated backdrop to modern interiors. Found in lighter sandy beige tones to earthy brown hues.

Chalk 5059

Shades Flint

Wall Mural
Chalk 5091

Chalk Mural

Chalk 5068

Shades Agate

Romantic pinks

Warm tones expressed in a muted rusty-pink colour scale through to darker grey-purple tones. Romantic shades are more than simply sweet.

Chalk 5064

Shades Ruby

Graceful Stories 7263


Wall Mural
Chalk 5092

Chalk Mural

Soothing greens

Mild greens with earthy nuances as well as darker green tones. There are even muted turquoise shades to add a calming ambience to rooms.

Chalk 5071

Shades Jade

Chalk 5072

Shades Peridot

Chalk 5075

Shades Angelit

Chalk 5073

Shades Olivine


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