Graceful Stories

Influenced by nature, Graceful Stories also has elements of calming Asian design language. Discover matte, shimmering and tactile wallpaper for your living room, bedroom or dining room which stimulate desire and comfort for the senses.

Dreamy watercolours, soft graphic designs and exquisite surfaces such as marble and Thai silk are presented in a colour scale of balanced shades, usually in warm tones. Wallpapers of shimmering white and blush tones of pink and champagne, as well as muted shades of steel blue, granite grey and jade green are occasionally enhanced by gold or mother-of-pearl detailing.

Graceful Stories: a new sense of minimalism that's soft, warm and tactile.


Featuring delicate lines that add an exquisite depth and complexity to walls, our chic and stylish Mirage wallpaper is the perfect pick for contemporary interiors. Available in a choice of three unique and original colour palettes, it’s an ideal choice for luxe living rooms, creating a look that’s effortlessly elegant yet delightfully artsy.


With its stylised floral pattern and choice of four stunning colour palettes, our Gingko wallpaper is an ideal pick for those in search of elegance with effortless style. Winding across the walls, its beautifully depicted leaves are inspired by oriental imagery, but with an original modern-day twist to create a cool and contemporary aesthetic. Hang it in your home for a walls that add genuine feeling to rooms.


With its intricate, stylised flowers and delicate leaf pattern, our beautiful Nocturne wallpaper is a hugely popular design. Here it is updated with three new colour palettes and shimmering gold elements for an added layer of interest and luxury. Nocturne wallpaper creates an embracing, tactile feel in rooms. Its delightful design has a vintage style which perfectly offsets modern and contemporary interiors.

Golden Marble

Available in three striking colour palettes, our Golden Marble wallpaper offers a contemporary twist on classic marble interiors. Designed to create a luxurious aesthetic, each of our prints is inlaid with delicate golden elements, to add a subtle yet striking shimmer to the room around. A perfect choice for office spaces and young people’s bedrooms, it’s chic, sophisticated, and delightfully decadent.


Inspired by Asian and art deco influences, our gorgeous Grace wallpaper is available in four fantastic colour settings. Featuring a repeating pattern of seashells, it can appear at first glance to be solid, but closer inspection soon reveals its exquisitely intricate design. Inlaid with delicate golden accents which give a glorious shimmer, Grace wallpaper creates a luxurious yet elegant aesthetic for graceful interiors with a retro twist.


Inspired by our popular Shades of Chalk wallpaper, Shades-Terra offers an original twist on an interior classic. Its soft and warm tones are intended to create a relaxed and welcoming aesthetic. The perfect choice for living rooms and dining areas, its single colour design is ideal for subtly adding depth and complexity to your space.


With its watercolour imagery and wonderfully delicate design, our Dawn wallpaper is the ideal choice for elegant and understated aesthetics. Asian design language is combined with Scandinavian feeling to create a dreamy and romantic feeling to your home interior. Available in three exquisite colour palettes.

Leaf Silhouette

Bringing to mind the elegance of vintage wallpaper, our Leaf Silhouette design adds a modern twist to a timeless classic. Featuring a soothing and dreamy watercolour print, it is available in three exquisite colour palettes, to effortlessly enhance your interior. A weave effect on the wallpaper base creates a warm and homely feel, making it ideal for hanging in your bedroom or dining area.

Thai Silk

Inspired by the elegant beauty of the finest oriental textiles, our Thai Silk wallpaper is the ideal choice for stylish interiors with an exclusive touch. Available in six stunning colour palettes, it is imbued with a subtle pearlescent shimmer, to add a gentle radiance to the room around. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, or dining area for a look that’s classically lovely and unerringly sophisticated.

Nocturne Mural

Our beloved Nocturne wallpaper is also available as a mural. The same gorgeous pattern of hand-painted leaves and flowers is displayed on an enlarged scale. The mural wallpaper is 180 cm wide and 265 cm high and is delivered in 45 cm wide panels. Available in two muted colours: a warm and powdery pink or a darker blue colour setting.


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