Chic in its simplicity, our latest Linen collection is the epitome of Scandinavian style. The structured surface, with a textile feel, adds a subtle depth of character to each wallpaper in this delightful collection.

Single-coloured designs bring a natural harmony to bedrooms and living rooms, soothing the mind with their calming ambience. Across its 36 prints, Linen has a wonderful mix of colour tones in light and dark nuances. Each pattern brings a unique personality to rooms and an effortlessly trendy character. 

Truly timeless wallpaper for peaceful havens of tranquillity.   

Golden Linen

Coloured in beige and the softest yellow, our Golden Linen wallpaper has an attractive tactile texture to help create the most soothing of sensory experiences. Combining style and substance for a gloriously Scandinavian look. Ideal for lounges and bedrooms.

Calm White

Blending a subtle yet sophisticated palette of grey and white, this striking sensory wallpaper is the perfect pick for modern homes. Its textile surface adds interest for discerning eyes.

Foliage Green

Drawing on Mother’s Nature colour palette for inspiration, our gorgeous Foliage Green wallpaper offers a simple yet stylish design. Adorn your walls with this gorgeous, natural colour and create a space to truly unwind.

Deep Forest

Coloured in shades of green, our Deep Forest wallpaper is inspired by the beautiful palette and soothing feel of woodland foliage. Its finely textured, textile surface adds a layer of intrigue and character.

Soft Indigo

Coloured in a soft indigo blue, this exquisite wallpaper is effortlessly chic. The combination of its subtle colouring and trendy textile surface is a truly Scandinavian look. An ideal wallpaper for your hallway or living area.

Rose Blush

Coloured in a palette of pretty pinks, our Rose Blush wallpaper marries a soft, tactile texture with a chic and simple design. A truly Scandinavian wallpaper in design, hang it in your hallway or bedroom to create a tranquil and timelessly lovely interior aesthetic.

Mulberry Fiber

Printed in a muted purple colour scheme, our majestic Mulberry Fiber wallpaper has a soft, tactile texture and a classically Scandinavian look.


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