Marstrand II

A timeless maritime collection inspired by Sweden's idyllic coastline. This collection breathes healthy morning-dips and wind filled sails with its 15 patterns including a few treasures from Boråstapeter's own archives, as well as museums.

Marstrand II is filled with natural colour tones. From the warm terracotta and gold tones of a sunset to the dreamy sandy greys of dried beach grass. Patterns capture classic coastal scenes including lighthouses and driftwood to stripes of knotted rope.

The wallpapers add a quiet, calm and often nostalgic feel to bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Create a relaxed, comforting feel in rooms. The charm of island life for your walls.

Knot Stripe

The repeating ‘figure eight’ knot design creates a classic stripe pattern which is displayed in a gorgeous, contrasting colour palette.


A whimsical tribute to the raw beauty of our Swedish coastline, Archipelago contains delicate and detailed depictions of quaint seaside cottages, offset by soaring seagulls, climbing roses, and even tiny dinghies that bob beside wooden jetties.


Inspired by the rustic beauty of the weathered sheds which line the Scandinavian coastline, our daring Driftwood wallpaper is subtly textured to create a truly immersive interior aesthetic.


Inspired by the wildflowers found along the west coast of Sweden, this elegant wallpaper is the perfect pick for kitchens adding a rustic charm.


Bringing the wild loveliness of the outdoors into your home, our Seagulls wallpaper makes the dreamiest backdrop for bedrooms.


Featuring an exquisite print from the Boråstapeter archive, this pattern harks back to the middle of the last century. The striking, nautical-themed wallpaper depicts beautifully detailed sailboats racing on a wind-whipped sea.


Drawing on vintage maps of the Swedish coastline for inspiration, our aptly titled Coastline wallpaper reproduces a selection of stunningly drawn charts, which were discovered at the bottom of some old filing cabinets in Gothenburg's Maritime Museum archives.


For centuries, the windrose has been used to help sailors navigate the seas, and it is at the very heart of this stylish and sophisticated wallpaper. Incorporated into its repeating trellis pattern, it adds an air of chic and timeless elegance to any wall it adorns.

Aspö Stripe

Named after the Swedish island of Aspö, it's the ideal pick for bedrooms, perfectly offsetting both vintage and modern styling.

Hamnskär Stripe

Named after an island off the coast of Stockholm, the masterfully coloured Hamnskär Stripe wallpaper features that most nautical of designs: stripes.

Orust Stripe

With its contrasting stripes and classic colour palette, our Orust Stripe wallpaper offers a bold and beautiful backdrop.


With its pared-back beige colour palette and beautiful sketched illustrations, our Lighthouse wallpaper utilises a striking selection of drawings from the National Archives. Images depict a host of famous Swedish landmarks, stretching from Gotland through to Glommen.

Sandhamn Stripe

Using contrasting shades and tones, it draws the eye without overwhelming the space around it. Hang it in your dining area for a timelessly classic look.


Beautifully illustrated and packed with wow, Horizon captures the breath-taking magnificence of the open ocean. Featuring a digital print, this mural wallpaper allows you to bring the magnificence of this ocean scene into your home interior.

Captain’s Cabin

Offering you the unique opportunity to display a magnificent gallery of maritime paintings in your home, our Captain’s Cabin wallpaper is utterly breath-taking. Featuring a selection of images taken from the Maritime Museum in Gothenburg, it is ideal for adding an element of individuality to pared-back modern styling.


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