Northern Stripes

The beloved stripe is a truly timeless pattern and Northern Stripes displays an array of different styles, ranging from the chic and trendy to more elegant and classic aesthetics.

With a colour palette inspired by nature, you'll find warm linen nuances with wallpapers in beige and every shade of white, to more dramatic midnight blue and black striped patterns. The linen base of some wallpapers evokes a rustic feel, while others display more glamour with shimmering metallic elements to complement modern interior design styles.

Whether seeking to create a peaceful feeling of solitude in a bedroom or a natural space for relaxing with friends in living or dining rooms, Northern Stripes will always create the feeling of home.

Harvest Stripe

Simple yet chic in its design and colouring, our Harvest Stripe wallpaper adds a sophisticated Scandinavian touch to any room.

Shirt Stripe

Our Shirt Stripe wallpaper is the perfect piece for kitchens and pared-back interiors. Printed on a lightly textured linen base, it will add a contemporary edge to your interior styling.

Linen Stripe

Stylish and contemporary, our Linen Stripe paper is the perfect style statement for pared-back modern homes.

Botanical Stripe

Printed on our Shades of Chalk surface, this striking leaf design pattern marries floral imagery with delicate stripes, to create a look that is intricate, edgy, and absolutely unique.

Chalk Stripe

Printed on our stunning Shades of Chalk surface, this one-of-a-kind wallpaper is cool, contemporary, and achingly chic.

Watercolour Stripe

Creating a calm and harmonious interior aesthetic, this unique Asian inspired wallpaper displays tones and techniques used in watercolour paintings. Rich, stylish, and artistic, it’s the perfect piece for contemporary bedrooms.

Stockholm Stripe

A contemporary colour palette and classic pattern, our Stockholm Stripe will add a touch of Swedish style to your home.

Habotai Stripe

Inspired by the work of Asian artisans, our stunning Habotai Stripe wallpaper uses hand-painted blue ink on silks, to create a deliciously detailed effect. Beautifully coloured, boldly patterned, and breath-taking in its complexity, it would make the perfect addition to your interior.

Northern Sky Stripe

Inspired by the beauty of a Nordic nightscape, this striking wallpaper is uniquely stunning. With shifting tones of darkest green and blue in a hand-painted watercolour design, this repeatable mural can be customised to suit any room.

Noble Stripe

Our elegant Noble Stripe wallpaper was inspired by the beautiful textures and tones of ancient woven linen. Hang it in your kitchen or dining area to make a truly sophisticated style statement.


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