Sense of Silence

Inspired by a desire to reflect a contemporary yet enchanting mood, Sense of Silence’ nine exquisite patterns are a perfect backdrop for an interior style that celebrates carefully selected, tactile materials. From mottled, stone surfaces to stained, shimmering linen, dense foliage, watercolour floral motifs and soft geometrics, the collection is characterised by a strong feeling of visual calm harmonised with tactile warmth and an almost dreamlike quality.


Element is a striking, graphic wallpaper featuring a tone-in-tone colour palette. Its small scale, repeating pattern was inspired by traditional kimonos and given a modern twist, making it perfect for creating harmonic, modern interiors.


Where industry meets contemporary taste, you’ll find Endless. Within the pattern’s wide, neutral colour palette you’ll find a look inspired by timeless materials such as cement and limestone and the relief found in their intriguing structure.


Characterised by its charming yet slightly imperfect watercolour dots, at first glance Air can be seen as a random pattern – take a few steps back, however, and subtle wave effects reveal themselves. Intricate, sophisticated and ideal for a feature wall.


On a fine background with a subtle patinated effect, Harmony paints a sparse floral pattern of finely sketched leaves. Its watercolour stylings and airy, Asian inspired look creates an understated yet contemporary vibe.


Creating a warm feeling on the wall and characterised by exclusive charm, Serenity’s delicately stained, almost metallic linen tones and classic details are both sophisticated and very much in harmony with contemporary interior tastes.


Feminine in nature and delicately expressed through watercolour cherry blossom motifs. Simple, poetic and romantic, it’s easy to lose yourself in Dream’s silky, captivating depths.


Behind its tight, repeating ornamental motifs Crystal has a subtle brushed effect allowing it to perfectly contrast and convey lighter, wintry tones.


A classic pattern from our archives, Nocturne features a tight floral pattern, hand-painted and presented in both light and dark shades. Timeless charm with a contemporary twist, perfectly complimenting the modern, trend-conscious home.


Take your senses on a dreamlike, magical journey. Fairytale’s tight ornamental motifs and tactile structure are perfectly balanced with Mother Of Pearl details and a sober, single colour tone-in-tone palette.


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