With its modern twist on 1970s and 80s glamour, The Apartment brings to mind New York discos, the luxury of Miami and gorgeous Venetian facades. Add a laid-back yet classy style to the walls of your home.

Expressive retro designs are captured in vibrant colour combinations as well as elegant tone-on-tone nuances!

Welcome to The Apartment – a modern and stylish homage to the casual yet elegant years of the 1970s and ‘80s, when Roger Moore was Mr Bond and the Memphis Group brought playful design into our homes. Discover wallpapers with matte prints on metallic backgrounds, creating an extraordinary expression that adds life to living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.


Inspired by the elegance of 1970s Italy, our luxurious Venice wallpaper depicts the beautiful windows that decorate the old facades of Venice. This striking and sophisticated wallpaper is available in three colour combinations, all of which lead the mind to the scent of Italy.


Madison instantly brings to mind the super-structured New York city map. It is contemporary and modern with a distinct urban attitude. A well-thought-through and precise detail that brings that extra something to those who know about it. The design comes in three muted colours.


Cosmopolitan will bring a happy spirit to the room. Inspired by the iconic Memphis Group’s playful 1980s designs, this modern geometric print in a matte finish creates an elegant contrast to the metallic-shimmering base. Cosmopolitan is available in four pastel palettes.


Elegant palm trees upon a bamboo grid give a luxurious holiday air to the room. Exotic and expressive yet structured, the textured pattern gives the wall a well-ordered appearance. Choose from four different colour schemes for a different experience with each setting.


The shimmering ocean by the Californian coastline and the luxurious lifestyle we associate with the movie stars in Malibu have inspired this beautiful pattern. The marbling is printed on a metallic-shimmering base, giving the room a grand and stylish yet calm atmosphere.

Palm Springs

The dramatic landscape, tall palm trees and cool architecture make Palm Springs a fantastic source of inspiration for contemporary interiors. With this soft-contoured palm leaf pattern on the walls, the room gains a truly sophisticated atmosphere, a calm surface with a beautiful pearlescent shimmer.


A free and swirling pattern, perceived more like movement when seen upon the wall. Vivid and energetic. Glimmers of metallic tones highlight the twisting design, giving an elegant shimmer that changes with the light. Spirito comes in several colours to match all personalities.


Casablanca wallpaper takes us to the middle of the 1970s where bold patterns and curves were embraced in sophisticated designer homes. The textured background of Casablanca gives an extra sharpness, while the pearlescent shimmer of the circles enhance the glamour.


The Velveteen wallpaper, a tribute to the beautiful fashion scene of the 1970s and 1980s, is inspired by the fabric with the same name. A textile expression for the wall, with a textured feel on a shimmering, silvered background. A monochrome wallpaper that comes in four colour schemes.


Our Tribeca wallpaper, an urban design with a modern metropolitan mood, is inspired by the map of New York's stylish Tribeca area; structured, but not as strict as the grids of Manhattan. The shaded silhouettes give the pattern a three-dimensional depth, complemented by shimmering metallic edges.


A delightful digital print inspired by the vibrant and playful designs of the 1980s iconic Memphis Group. Our Memphis wallpaper fits beautifully in the modern home of today; a pure visual experience—like art on the wall and the perfect ice-breaker at a cocktail party!


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