Conscious Living

Our beautifully elegant Conscious Living Pigment Trend Colours 2020 in five gorgeous colour tones.

Pigment Trend Colours 2020 

Inspired by Sweden's varied and beautiful seasons, Conscious Living Pigment Trend Colours 2020 is produced using sustainable methods which respect the precious beauty of Mother Earth. While its five exquisite colour tones create harmonious and virtuous aesthetics, the earthen shades are ideal for creating a soothing and serene backdrop for your home.

It was not only the creation of a calming and cleansing artistic mood that guided our design process. With sustainability in mind too, we have used water-based dyes and recyclable materials. These fabulous wallpapers are the perfect way to create gorgeous interiors without damaging our delicate ecosystems.

Conscious Living values style with sustainability.

Algae Green

Inspired by the rich colours and authentic earthiness of seaweed, our Algae Green wallpaper creates a meditative yet energising feeling in rooms. The pale khaki green shade helps to mould a unique and lovely backdrop to the rooms it adorns. Algae Green pairs well with neutral and pinkish tones to create a relaxed aesthetic.

Grey Mountain

Coloured in a harmonious and grounding palette of earthy shades with pretty, neutral undertones, our Grey Mountain wallpaper is an ideal alternative to the cooler greys that have dominated interiors in the last decade. Adding a balanced and beautiful focal point to the room, it’s an ideal choice for stylish yet sustainable homes.  

“We have been inspired by the varied moods in our Swedish nature and produced five earthy and harmonious colours that set the feeling for your home in 2020. Colours where each shade creates a special energy and atmosphere in the room. Conscious Living is all about feeling good, so let your heart set the tone for your home. Create a place to breathe” says Ulrica Hurtig, Senior Designer, Boråstapeter.

The Conscious Living trend colours will be launched as part of the Pigment collection.

Misty Lake

Inspired by the majestic sight of a mirror-clear lake wreathed in an early morning mist, our Misty Lake wallpaper is exquisitely lovely. Coloured in earthy, weathered shades of blue, it has the depth and complexity of rippling, wind-skimmed water.

Glacier Green

Inspired by the shimmering beauty of Swedish glaciers in springtime, our Glacier Green wallpaper has an exquisite elegance to it. Vital and refreshing, its earthy turquoise-green shades are intricate and complex. Adding a sense of limitlessness to your interior, this is the perfect wallpaper for stylish and sustainable homes. Creating a harmonious yet vibrant aesthetic that’s full of life and energy, it creates a vintage feel that goes perfectly with handmade elements and wooden furnishings.

Red Earth

Designed to be warm and welcoming, our Red Earth wallpaper is the perfect pick for luxurious yet rustic home interiors. Creating a grounding and nourishing space, it celebrates the unique and vibrant beauty of late autumn landscapes, when the whole world seems to burst into colour. This wallpaper goes beautifully with dried botanicals which have become the new flowers in our home.

Behind the camera

This year's Pigment Trend Colours is interpreted by the duo, Nathalie Myrberg and Linda Eliasson. Nathalie and Linda got to know each other years ago but, for the last 12 months, have been sharing a studio in central Västerås. They have previously worked together on education, workshops and photography projects. However, the Pigment Trend Colours collection for 2020, known as Conscious Living, is their first joint wallpaper assignment.

“We instinctively felt that this was an interpretation we wanted to address. We both have a great love for nature, its beauty and healing power for both body and soul. It is not uncommon for cuts and tones to be taken from the Nordic landscape in both our works and creations.”

“All pictures are taken in a large, old chapel in the upland forests, to which we have a strong connection. It felt so nice to let the mission come to life there – as a kind of tribute to the rooms and the atmosphere which, for so many years, we have gained both power and inspiration,” says Nathalie and Linda.

"Our favourite of the year's colours is Algae Green, which gives both a harmonious, calm and yet positive energy to a room."


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