Wallpapering around windows, doors and wall sockets

Here we describe step by step how to wallpapering around windows, doors and wall sockets.

Step 1 – apply paste

When you come to a window or door, start by applying paste to the wall to the equivalent of 1.5–2.5 strip widths, as normal. Use a brush around the window or door frame. 

Step 2 – align the pattern

Pull up the strip in the normal way, align the pattern against that of the previous strip and fix it in place at the top against the ceiling/cornice.

Step 3 – mark out the window

Feel and mark where the top corner of the window or door frame is with your finger and pull back the part of the wallpaper that is covering it. Make an incision from the top of the corner moving diagonally downwards towards the edge of the strip.

Step 4 – trim to fit the upper edge

Now you can press the wallpaper down next to the upper edge of the window or door frame and cut the edge. Use the wallpapering tool to press down the wallpaper. Don’t forget to have a sharp blade in your craft knife!

Step 5 – trim to fit the remaining edges

Do exactly the same along the side of the window/door frame: press the wallpaper in place using the wallpapering tool and cut the edge. Repeat below the window frame (doors have only three edges to fit and cut around). Make the incision here from the bottom moving upwards, otherwise you may risk ripping the wallpaper.

Step 6 – wipe away any residual paste

So there you have it! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Just make sure to change your blade regularly, and don’t forget to wipe the surfaces with a damp sponge afterwards to get rid of any paste residue.  

Wallpapering around wall sockets and switches

Step 1 – switch off the power

Switch off the power and remove the external parts of the plug socket/switch (the cover).


Step 2 – wallpaper over and cut off the extra wallpaper

Wallpaper straight over the plug connector or socket and cut off any wallpaper that would lie under the socket or switch cover (the visible part). Then replace the cover of the wall socket/switch.


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