Wallpaper samples

See how the wallpaper would look in your home!

Easy to order wallpaper samples online

Order wallpaper samples to see how the wallpaper would look in your home. See how colours, patterns and textures would look on your walls at home. Samples are easy to order on each product page, or through our quick order form, and will be sent in A4 or A3 size.

Rapid home delivery

We will send the samples off within 2-3 working days direct to your home.

Find your nearest retailer

Once you have made up your mind, you can go and buy the rolls at your nearest retailer. Here you can collect them and obtain advice and assistance in purchasing accessories.


Tips on using your wallpaper samples:

  • Pin or tape to the wall
  • Look at the samples in different lights, e.g. morning/evening
  • Show friends and family to get their opinions
  • See how the samples work with flooring, skirting boards and cornices
  • When making other decisions about interiors, take the sample with you to the store, as a colour reference


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