Christmas crafting with Boråstapeter

We have teamed up with photographer and creator Malin Mörner to produce a fabulous series of Christmas craft ideas with wallpaper. For Advent, Malin creates beautiful wallpaper angels that you can use to decorate the tree.


For this you will need: Wallpaper, wooden beads, string, glue gun or double-sided sticky tape, hole punch and a sewing needle


  1. Cut out your angel pieces. I used these dimensions, but you can of course adapt them as you like: Small angels, wings 8 x 12 cm, skirt 11.5 x 13 cm (width x height) Big angels, wings 11.5 x 14 cm, skirt 14 x 16 cm (width x height)
  2. Fold each piece into a concertina shape, with each fold roughly 1 cm apart. Cut each end of the wings with scissors or a hole punch – you can give them rounded ends, points or hearts.
  3. Fold all the concertinaed pieces in half (along the long edge) and make a hole that goes through every layer. Make sure the hole is right in the middle.
  4. Glue the wings to the skirt to make a figure.
  5. Thread the string onto your needle and guide it through the holes in the wings and skirt. Make a knot at the bottom that is big enough to keep the skirt in place.
  6. Thread the bead onto the string above the wings, pull it tight and then glue the bead to the wings. Knot the string again, leaving as much length as you want for your loop.
  7. Unfold the skirt and glue the inner edges to one another to form a lovely skirt.

Wishing you a happy Advent!

Malin’s wallpapers

Here are the wallpapers that Malin uses in her Christmas crafts. It’s easy to order wallpaper samples and get crafting yourself!


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