The child’s room in focus

Bring in the autumn in a world of fairy tales, magic and incredible journeys.

Fill your children’s walls with tales of animals, nature and magical places; of voyages and wonderful adventures.

Our imagination knows no bounds – in it we can travel wherever and however we want to, and be whatever we want to be. Discover our fantastic children’s collections and get inspired!

Magical forests and fantastic creatures that lead us into amazing dreamscapes. Join the deer, the hare and the fox on a voyage of discovery, in lush green lands filled with grand birches and bushy fir trees.

Pick the tastiest blueberries and the sweetest wild strawberries, and breathe in the aromas of rose and jasmine. Experience rich, dreamy patterns in misty, soft shades of grey, blue, green, purple and pink.

”Let the fairy tales take shape in your child’s room with expressive walls that speak"

Set out on an adventure in a hot air balloon with your friend the rabbit, or come face to face with mighty whales from aboard magnificent giant ships. Steer the right course with treasure maps, but look out for the crocodile waiting on the island shore! Meet jungle heroes atop palm trees, and discover exciting patterns in beautiful tones, including a muted blue, misty grey, soft green and warm pink.

”Let the fun never end”

Put playful nostalgia or beloved fairy-tale figures on the walls. Get inspired by lovely wallpaper patterns that spark the imagination and encourage creativity. Experience fairy-tale treasures, classic icons and contemporary looks that nurture playfulness.


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