The beloved Nocturne

The popular Nocturne pattern is available in ten colourways that look great in any room. Wonderfully enchanting, it has come to be one of our best-loved wallpapers.

The original Nocturne, complete with hand-painted flowers, berries and leaves, was sourced from our extensive wallpaper archive and has been lovingly updated. The pattern is available in both light and dark colourways. Here you see a version in a muted dark green with lighter olive and lime blossom accents, and one in lighter tones of white and beige. Both with delicate gold detailing.

An elegant dark blue base with foliage in soft turquoise and light blue tones – a wallpaper that gives the room a fabulous cosy feel!

"I fell for the pattern straight away – it’s a dense, decorative and completely enchanting hand-painted motif that resembles frost-covered nature." says Ulrica Hurtig, Senior Designer at Boråstapeter.

Nocturne in a powdery burgundy, with pale pink foliage and fine details in shimmering gold – lovely in a bedroom!

"Even though the pattern has a lot of life and character, it makes for a calm and harmonious backdrop and will suit many different design styles.

Nocturne represents our age’s longing for the authentic, the tactile. For dreamy nature, stillness and craftsmanship,” says Ulrica.

Our designer Ulrica Hurtig found this fantastic pattern in our large wallpaper archive while working on the Sense of Silence collection. The original colour scheme is most like our Nocturne 6332 , and the pattern is said to date from the early 1950s. Ulrica chose to create five colourways for the collection, but focused mainly on blues, as midnight hues were on the way in. Nocturne 6331 in turquoise blue is now one of our best-selling wallpapers.

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The wallpaper Nocturne from Boråstapeter. The wallpaper design and pattern is green and consists of Floral Foliage
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