Single coloured wallpapers

Wallpapers in nordic colours inspired by nature.

Plain white wallpaper with a wonderful textile feel.

Rustic textures with a limewash-effect wallpaper.

From matt finishes to rustic, living limewash-effect walls, we offer a wide range of plain and textured wallpapers. If you are looking for a stylish, single-colour wallpaper you will find a wide range of colours, textures and sweeping brushstrokes in our plain and textured collections. All of which inspired by Nordic light and an earthy palette.


The limewash-effect wallpaper Painter’s Wall gives the room a poetic, dressed feel.

Plain wallpaper with a fine linen texture.

Top list: Single coloured wallpapers

Here is the top list of Boråstapeter’s most popular wallpapers right now, based on statistics from our website. Get inspired!


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