Crafting with kids

Johanna, @vartlillagrona on Instagram, transformed a nice old cabinet into an amazing doll’s house with her children. The cabinet was painted green, two partition walls were installed for added rooms, which they then helped each other decorate with wallpaper.

“My best tip is to get all the details painted before installing the wallpaper, as it’s fairly fiddly to do any painting once the wallpaper’s on. Applying masking tape in a mini interior is not exactly a breeze, either. So, try to get all the painting done before doing your wallpapering.”

Wallpapering a doll’s house

You will need:

  • A cabinet
  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Paintbrush
  • Wallpaper knife 



  1. Start by cutting out a piece of wallpaper. 
  2. Apply paste to the surface you want to mount the wallpaper to. 
  3. Press the wallpaper on, smoothing it out. 
  4. Trim away the excess paper using your wallpaper knife. 

“Decorating a cabinet is on the fiddly side, but easy enough once you get the hang of it.”

Johanna’s wallpaper designs

Johanna picked four new wallpapers from the Newbie collection. To her daughter’s delight, they decorated an accent wall in the nursery, too!


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