Emily’s green Nocturne

Emily’s green version is a new colour scheme for the popular wallpaper favourite Nocturne. Emily has papered a children’s room and gives her top tips for how to decorate your home with a patterned wallpaper.

About Emily

Name: Emily Slotte
Age: 31 years
Lives: On a farm outside Norrtälje
Instagram: @emilyslotte
Blog: blogg.mama.nu/emilyslotte


How would you describe your style?

– Scandinavian romance is a very good word that describes my style.

How do you create your own style? 

– I make use of a cohesive, muted colour palette with patterned elements. I have lots of dark woods and fill my home with as many textiles as possible! Textiles contribute hugely to homeliness and a snug and cosy feel.

"One tip that is somewhat typical for me is to paint furniture the same colour as the walls, as this gives the room a pleasing look."

Curious to see the wallpaper?

Originally designed in the 1950's, this version of Nocturne wallpaper displays green tones selected by Emily Slotte. Flashes of shimmering gold elements add a subtle touch of luxury to this most elegant of wallpapers.

Combine other patterned items with a patterned wallpaper

What are your best tips for matching wallpaper and design with the rest of your furnishings?  

– One useful tip is to tie together the colour scheme. Another tip is to think colour coordination, but don’t be afraid to combine other patterned items with a patterned wallpaper! If you have a patterned wallpaper, it can be pleasing to the eye if the majority of the other furnishings are in harmony. As long as you keep to the same style as the rest of your interior, I don’t really see too much problem. To ensure harmony, you can paint large items of furniture in a plain colour and position them against a patterned wallpaper.

Why did you choose this particular colour scheme?

– I love the combination of green and gold and it fits so well into our colour choices at home.

"Wallpaper makes a room feel nice and cosy. I love the feeling I get from a wallpapered room. It makes me feel calm and harmonious!"

Wallpapering yourself!

What are your top 3 tips for successful wallpapering? You’ve done some wallpapering yourself, haven’t you?

  1. Yes, I have! My first tip is just that – dare to have a go at wallpapering yourself! Next, a sharp knife is crucial for neat edges.
  2. Something entertaining to listen to is a good tip, especially if, like me, you do it all by yourself.  
  3. Roughly marking off the lengths in one go before application also makes things easier when you need to be a little here, there and everywhere at the same time.

Celebrating a modern floral classic

This beloved design from Boråstapeter’s archive has been carefully updated by our design studio, and is now available in an exclusive new print with hints of gold. A future classic with timeless charm in trendproof shades of green, wine-red and beige.

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