The right to nature’s patterns

The gems of Österlen

Nature is associated with many powerful emotions; it fills us with energy, but also provides much-needed calm. The wallpaper collection Essens, is inspired by the nature of Österlen in the Swedish county of Skåne – from quiet forests to open fields and gardens in full bloom.


The most beautiful part of Skåne in southern Sweden has inspired many types of art expression, from ballads to paintings and wallpaper designs. Here are ten areas of outstanding natural beauty in Österlen, well worth visiting.  

Natural beauty

Exotic, varied, dramatic and spectacular.

  • Sandhammaren

    The chalk-white sand beach stretches for kilometres along the coastline to Löderup with the village of Backåkra a short distance inland. The undulating sand dunes give the beach an exotic feeling of being further south in continental Europe..
  • Hallamölla

    Follow the river Verkaån from Alunbruk at Andarum and you’ll reach Hallamölla, the tallest waterfall in Skåne. You can walk all the way along the Backaleden trail to the mouth of the river in Hanö Bay at Haväng.
  • Haväng

    A nature reserve with a rare sand steppe flora, open heaths and grasslands at Ravlunda and dry meadows at Vitemölla strandbackar.
  • Drakmöllan

    A rolling landscape of heaths and beautiful beech woodlands where the sun’s rays filter through canopies of leaves to the shade beneath the trees.

Wallpaper inspired by nature


This region has some of the oldest fauna in Sweden.

  • Brösarps Backar

    Known as the Gateway to Österlen, this magical rolling landscape offers far-reaching views across the Verkaån valley. The northern hills are large and impressive with sand heaths and a dramatic steppe character. The southern hills are perfect for picnics in the springtime when they are covered in cowslips, pasqueflowers and meadow saxifrage.
  • Stenshuvud

    The vantage point at Linderödsåsen ridge offers a view across the whole of the Hanö Bay. They say that on a very clear day it is possible to see all the way to the island of Bornholm. The national park here has a beautiful beech forest with a carpet of wild anemones in April and orchids in May, when you can also hear the nightingale.
  • Ale Stenar

    An ancient stone formation near the village of Kåseberga, famous and very beautiful. The walk from Hammars backar hills over Kåsebergaåsen ridge along fields of flowering poppies offers a breathtaking vista of the open sea.

Wallpaper inspirered by the landscape


A mild climate without a biting wind has created the perfect conditions for a stunning display of blossoms. 

  • The orchards at Kivik

    The fruit trees are a magnificent sight in the autumn, but are truly a spectacle to behold in late spring. The apple trees usually come into bloom in the third week of May here and their blossom transforms the orchards of Kivik into a pink paradise, as beautiful as swathes of cherry blossom.
  • Mandelmann’s Garden

    The Mandelmann’s charming garden, where everything is organically grown, is located between Kivik and Simrishamn, next to Rörums backar. Don’t miss the nearby Lone Tree on the Skallahögbjer mound. This solitary tree is a striking sight, standing on higher ground – nature’s perfect balance.
  • The English Garden

    The village of Svinaberga next to Svabesholms Kungsgård is home to a romantic garden. Visitors are treated to a massive display of flowers in a garden covering three thousand square metres, influenced by the quintessential English garden.

Wallpaper inspired by Österlen’s gardens

The area

Did you know that Österlen does not have any official boundaries demarcating the area? It is generally considered to start at Ystad and end somewhere just before Åhus.

Hiking trails
  • Discover natural wonders on foot

    Walking and hiking at a leisurely pace gives you the opportunity to discover natural treasures. Walk through light green deciduous woodland, over hills, open plains and moors covered in pink heather, next to white sand dunes and stony slopes with a gentle breeze coming off the sea. There are many fantastic trails. The longest is the 93-kilometre Österlen trail between Nybrostrand and Andrarum, divided into day sections for a week-long hike. A more ideal length for a day hike is the Blåvinge trail, which is a ten kilometre loop through the Maglehem nature reserve.
  • The hills of Brösarp – from Linné to the Bregott factory

    The rolling hills of Brösarp have been a source of inspiration through the years. Carl von Linné the botanist discovered the beauty of this landscape back in 1749. The scenery is the subject of many of Prince Eugen’s oil paintings from the early 1900s. In the 1970s, the Swedish comedy-drama film The Apple War was filmed in this area. The theme music was composed specifically for the film by Evert Taube and became the classic ballad Änglamark. This region also served as the fictive setting of “Nangijala” in the film The Brothers Lionheart, based on the novel by Astrid Lindgren. It is also where the popular TV commercials featuring grazing cows for Arla’s Bregott sandwich spread are filmed.


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