A new living room with wallpaper

Our ambassador Kristin Lagerqvist – also known as Krickelin – shows off her new living room with the Indigo Garden wallpaper. Kristin reveals how to create a new space just by adding wallpaper to the walls.

Same room – new character

Kristin had her living room decorated with the dreamy, patterned Indigo Garden wallpaper, from our Eastern Simplicity collection. The furniture all stayed in the same place; what was added was the wallpaper on the walls.

“It has given the room a completely different character – it feels very decked out and cosy. I fell head over heels for the new Indigo Garden wallpaper in turquoise, with its beautiful Asian-inspired pattern,” says Kristin.


A dreamy fantasy landscape

This wonderful wallpaper is signed by our designer Noomi Spange. She drew inspiration from Japanese kimono patterns and older Chinese paintings, in which layered mountaintops create both tension and depth.

Tips for matching

Here are a few of our tips for wallpapers that work beautifully alongside Kristin’s turquoise Indigo Garden. For a calm and harmonious home, decorate with a matching wallpaper in an adjoining room.

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Pigment 7979

Celadon Green

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Pigment 7981

Dusk Green


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