New colours

Nora, Rosenvinge & Waldemar

Celebrating the rich heritage of design, discover three new wallpapers inspired by classic patterns. Each wallpaper is presented in distinct colourways, so you can embrace history in your home decor.

Experience the past through three iconic patterns, beautifully revived in our in three new wallpapers.

We pay homage to the styles that shaped interior design through the ages. Rosenvinge with its intricate Renaissance influence, Waldemar's charming depiction of tapestry aesthetic from the turn of the 19th century, and Nora, a true tribute to the delicate Art Nouveau style.

Each design, available in distinct colourways, encapsulates the essence of its era. Whether you seek to create an ambience of elegance in a dining room, tranquil bedroom, or historic hallway, these wallpapers provide a timeless backdrop for your room.


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