Trends for 2022

Sissa Sundling, Head of Design at Boråstapeter, shares her thoughts on trends for 2022.

We’re seeing a keen focus on sustainability, well-being and the need to take timeout from the hectic sides of daily life. The commitment to preserving period features of bygone eras is also gathering momentum, as seen in the increasing efforts to preserve a diversity of heritage buildings. Another emergent trend is the desire for interior design, including wallcoverings, to have more statement value, with a bolder look and feel for home decor. 


The interior decor we surround ourselves with has great impact on us personally and in terms of our well-being. Just a few calming colourways can help create a home in harmony for gearing down and getting in some rest & relaxation. This type of interior appeals to the Nordic mindset in terms of its textures and materials.


Whether the aim is to reveal stunning original floorboards in a fin de siècle period home or retain the teak doors in an art nouveau villa, we’re opting to make the most of what we have. Building conservation helps you preserve the original ambience of your residence. At Boråstapeter, we have many wallpapers that are authentic for every period and era.


At times, we have a craving for colour and patterning, as a way of giving our home its own personality and distinctive style. Take the time to puzzle all the right pieces together – those that don’t work at first glance may well combine to make a perfect whole. Whatever direction you take: classic, contemporary or playful, it’s all up to you!


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