Krickelin’s hallway brimming with apple blossom

Kristin Lagerqvist, known to many as Krickelin, has decorated her hallway and staircase with apple trees in full bloom thanks to the Ingrid Marie wallpaper. Step inside a hallway that all but smells of the great Swedish summer, and see the beautiful pictures here!

“There’s a sense of hope and summer to the pattern.”


What was it that made you fall for Ingrid Marie?

“It was the feel of a classic Swedish summer – I’m sure apple blossom makes everyone happy, and there’s a sense of hope and summer to the pattern. Using it through the entire hallway just felt instinctively right.”


How did you go about wallpapering the staircase? It looks great having the wallpaper all the way up.

“We actually got some outside help this time as the strips along the staircase were so long, and we had one slanting wall that had to be wallpapered to fit with the strips on the straight walls. The overall look turned out very well, and I truly recommend wallpapering a staircase like this.”


What would you say is the best thing about wallpaper?

“I think a wallpaper gives a space a cosy, dressed-up feel.”


What are your plans for spring and summer?

“We’ve just had a pool built, so this will be our first year with that in the garden. I’m hoping to surround it with lots of lovely flower beds filled with dahlias, verbena and Mexican asters. I look forward to a lovely spring and summer of gardening while the kids and their friends play in the water.”

A beautiful collagraph

Krickelin has plumped for Ingrid Marie in a dark blue colour scheme, in which we follow the apple tree’s path from fragrant spring blossom to its sun-ripened apples and red leaves of autumn.

The pattern was hand-painted by our designer Jenny Hahne Gadd and then printed in our oldest collagraph printing press, with a whole seven colours. The flowing collagraph print creates a unique, living look. The wallpaper is also available with a white background.




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