Krickelin’s Rosewood Night

Kristin Lagervqist, otherwise known as Krickelin, has decorated her home library using our Rosewood Night wallpaper from the collection Oriental Dreams.

A reading nook, all in blue

Kristin chose to paint the bookshelf and door in colours that would marry with the wallpaper in her cosy library. With a little pattern and colour, the space gained a whole new look.

“I’m completely smitten with the beautiful results. The wallpaper decorates the room in an incredibly soft way. There’s a beautiful shimmer to Rosewood Night, and the way the light falls in the room is always bringing out new and exciting sides to it.” says Kristin.

Kristin used a different shade of paint around the mirrors on the door, adding a fabulous touch to the room.

Curious to see the wallpaper?

Order samples of Rosewood Night. The pattern is also available in three other colourways.

A whole new room

“I know that many people think wallpapering is difficult, or that they’re afraid of there being too many patterns that will take over and compete with the furniture and art. I would say the complete opposite. Look at how well the wallpaper frames the space in the image above,” says Kristin.

“All of the furniture was already here, so only the wallpaper and paint are new. A great way of changing a space, by simple means,” says Kristin.

The Rosewood Night from Oriental Dreams

Rosewood Night is an exclusive, large-patterned wallpaper with a beautiful motif of winding rose leaves: a regular feature of eastern décor in the past; however, nowadays the rosebush is protected. The winding leaves in shimmery grey and beige tones are printed on a muted blue satin base with a fine lustre.

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