Newbie – A Wallpaper Fairy tale

Enter a world of fairy tales, magic and wonderful journeys.


Embark on a hot air balloon adventure with your friend the rabbit or meet majestic whales from on board a fantastic ship. Steer your course according to treasure-rich maps but watch out for the crocodile prowling the island's shore. Float among the clouds in magical flying ships of the air and look across an endless horizon. Meet jungle heroes at the top of palm trees and discover exciting patterns coloured in beautiful tones of muted blue, hazy grey, soft green and warm pink.


Discover exciting patterns full of adventures. Get inspired here!

BON VOYAGE This wallpaper is available in three gorgeous colour schemes.

WHALES A dreamy underwater pattern. Available in two colour setting.

UP&AWAY Choose from three sweet colour schemes.

WILD JUNGLE Welcome to the jungle! Available in light and dark colour settings.


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