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Let the wallpaper encourage creativity and imagination.

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Children wallpapers

Imaginative wallpaper for a child's room

For children and young people, home is a safe space: a place where they can feel relaxed and at ease. Wallpaper for a children's room should help to provide an environment for personalities to grow and develop.

Children's rooms are magical places for both play and rest. Perhaps a child's first wallpaper will be a fairy tale landscape, full of exciting details to inspire goodnight stories? We have everything from colourful children's wallpapers with unique designs to calm, single-coloured wallpapers in muted shades. Always playful and durable so you can clean off lighter stains.

Trendy wallpaper for the youth room

Teenagers have a strong sense of identity. The only challenge is that their taste can change quickly and often! The fact that our high quality wallpapers be hung over past favourites – without the base layer showing through – is a great bonus.

Our EasyUp wallpaper makes wallpapering a room quick and easy – simply add paste directly to the wall and hang the wallpaper up! Watch this video how to hang wallpaper by Kristin Lagerqvist, founder of interior design blog Krickelin.

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Youth wallpapers

Colour tips for your children's wallpaper

The colour of your child's wallpaper can certainly impact the feeling in the room. It might be that your child has a favourite colour and you are happy to use it. However, if you are unsure, then it may interest you to know:

  • Green is calming and can counteract nightmares when used in the bedroom.
  • Studies showed that students who took tests in a blue room had higher results.
  • Yellow makes you enthusiastic and gives you confidence.
  • Pink represents calm; mix with grey or black for better balance in the room.
  • Red represents optimism, adventure and gives rooms a warm energy.



Classic and playful wallpaper for inspiring environments

Boråstapeter is Sweden's most famous and best-selling wallpaper brand. And we're proud to offer your kids the chance to build their own unique world with our playful and imaginative children's wallpapers. With a diverse collection of patterns and designs to pick from, our fabulous kid's wallpaper range provides artistry, fun and stimulation that will appeal to young and old alike.


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