1,00 € / Sample


1,00 € / Sample
Article number: 6377

The Ambassador wallpaper is an intricate and bold wallpaper design that truly captures your attention. This dark colour scheme changes according to the light, from a muted grey to dark blue and, in the evening sun, an almost lazy turquoise colour. The dark base beautifully complements the silvery detail of the wallpaper's pattern, which adds a light metallic shimmer. Glitter and glamour, exactly as you'd find at the Hotel Ambassador in Monaco's most luxurious neighbourhood! The Ambassador wallpaper is printed with glue printing technology and is available in two additional colour schemes.

Discover how the Ambassador wallpaper complements your home's interior by ordering a wallpaper sample directly to your home! Alternatively, find your nearest Engblad & Co retailer in the UK (or around the world!) using our store locator tool.

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