Archi Tech

1,00 € / Sample

Archi Tech

1,00 € / Sample
Archi Tech
Article number: 5390

Archi Tech was one of the designs in the Eco Tech collection from the factory in Anneberg. It was the first Swedish collection to be printed on non-woven material - what we call easy up. It was a new technique that involved applying paste to the wall and aligning the wallpaper edge-to-edge without overlapping.
While it was quite revolutionary at the time and made wallpapering a much simpler task, it's a standard method today. With its graphic elements, this is a collection for architects and interior designers. The wallpaper could be matched in many ways by hanging it in different directions. The man behind these new ideas was the designer Björn Nilsson. We've now embellished Archi Tech with three colourways, all harmonised with the popular Eco Crayon collection. And those stripes can still be varied and placed both vertically and horizontally.

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