Christmas crafting with Boråstapeter

Boråstapeter have partnered with photographer and stylist Malin Mörner (@poppyloveyou) to create a series of wonderful Christmas decorations that you can make using wallpaper. For First Advent Sunday, Malin has come up with some tips on how to create beautiful bunting and paper chains. Perfect for hanging on the tree or in your windows this Christmas period.


To make this decoration you will need: Wallpaper, scissors, string, paper glue and clothes pegs.

  1. Fold a strip of wallpaper in half and, deciding how large you would like your bunting flags to be, cut a triangle either freehand or using a template. The widest part of the triangle should be along the fold, so that you are left with two triangles that are joined along the folded edge.
  2. Cut more sets of triangles and then get out the string you want to use – preferably a strong cotton thread that won’t get too twisted. Apply some glue to the inside of one of the triangles, lay the string on top of it along the fold, and press the insides of the two triangles together around the string.
  3. Clothes pegs can be really useful while the flags are drying! Of course, you can make bunting in lots of different shapes and sizes – let your imagination run wild!

Paper chains 

To make this decoration you will need: Wallpaper, scissors, a stapler or sticky tape. 

  1. Cut strips of paper as wide and round as you want your paper chains to be. It can be nice to make several different chains of different sizes that you hang together – or you can mix big and small rings.
  2. Once you have cut all of your strips, take one strip and connect one end to the other with a few cm overlap, depending on how big you want the ring to be. This will make it stable.
  3. Use a stapler or tape to join the ends!

Malin’s wallpapers

Here are the wallpapers that Malin uses in her Christmas crafts. It is easy to order wallpaper samples and get crafting yourself!


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