Sofia’s Dahlia Garden

Sofia Vusir Jansson, or @sofiaatmokkasin, has decorated her walls with the beautiful, hand-painted Dahlia Garden wallpaper. Here she describes why she opts for wallpaper over paint, and what she thinks about when choosing a patterned wallpaper. So get inspired by Sofia’s floral world!

Why do you opt for wallpaper instead of paint on walls?

“For me, there is so much to a wallpaper. The colours, the patterns – everything sparks stories in my mind. It’s as though I’m dressing the room in its own world, as though there is a whole lot more to it than just a wall; wallpaper definitely gives it another dimension. Here I’m talking about patterned wallpapers, of course! The most lavish thing about a wallpaper is that it also sets the tone straight away. As soon as you’ve got it up, the room feels finished. Which, of course, it almost always isn’t, at least if you ask me – a room is so much more than its walls. But to be able to take the rest slowly, that’s a luxury that wallpapers give you.”


How do you create your own style in your home?

“I will always maintain that a home should reflect the people living there, what they like doing and having around them, rather than fit a pronounced style. I mean, I think if someone surrounds themselves with things they really like, then – for whatever reason – it’ll all come good in the end. It almost fuses together to form a whole. Our home doesn’t have any single thread running through it; it’s a happy mix of things we all like, all of us who live there. We have colours, patterns, a mix of old and new, and total clashes in style, and the feel changes from room to room. But in the end it’s still nice and homely, and, above all, it’s our home. So how does someone get that in their own home? Perhaps by not paying so much attention to everyone else – drawing inspiration, sure – but also getting to the bottom of who they are and what they like.”


What was it about the Dahlia Garden pattern that appealed to you?

“The softness of the colours and the pattern, and that it doesn’t have so many contrasts. I also really like that it’s light. The room it’s in is a big and very light space, and I wanted to keep that sense of airiness. When we put it on the walls, I realised that the pattern is ever, ever so slightly slanted, but in the very best way. It makes the sense of handiwork more apparent, and brings the wallpaper to life.”

Dahlia Garden

The Dahlia Garden wallpaper is available in three colourways. Sophia plumped for a mild, muted colourway in rusty, green and pale yellow tones against a cool beige base.

Sofia’s wallpapering tips

  • Dare to do it yourself – it isn’t hard. If it ends up a little crooked it’s just a matter of trying again; wallpapers don’t break from being touched and moved. Many might think that wallpapers are fragile, but I’d say the opposite.
  • Don’t stare yourself blind: once everything is up on the walls it will all come together, and minor imperfections won’t be noticeable.
  • I love wallpapering behind radiators, even though we have old ones from 1913 that are completely intractable. But it’s so worth all the fiddliness; radiators plus wallpaper becomes almost a work of art.


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