Black wallpaper

You can create chic and sophisticated spaces with a beautiful black wallpaper. It’s dark, dramatic, and it adds a complexity to your interior aesthetic.

Tips & inspiration

Black wallpaper is the perfect foil for contemporary styling and is ideal for offsetting stainless steel and bright and light spaces.

With this in mind, we’ve created a collection with something to suit every home. From mesmerising geometric patterns through to traditional, chic and simple stripes, you can show great creativity in your interior design when using such a bold, stark colour such as black.

Black wallpaper with a little extra

The beauty of wallpaper is the added layers of interest that can be subtly, or strikingly, added to the wallpaper's surface. It's this technique that allows wallpaper to add genuine feeling to a room, expressions can change with the light and delight all the senses. A black wallpaper with a textured linen surface, a blown surface or perhaps a shimmering metallic finish will create vivid expressions and add depth of interest and beauty to the walls they dress.


Black wallpaper

Tile image

Oriental Garden

3 Colors
Tile image

Poppy Flow

5 Colors
Tile image


4 Colors
Tile image


2 Colors
Tile image

Alvar Aalto M.I.T

6 Colors


3 Colors
The wallpaper Midsummer Eve from Boråstapeter. The wallpaper design and pattern is black and consists of Floral Traditional

Midsummer Eve

2 Colors

Deep Thunder

1 Colors

Good to know about black wallpapers

  • The colours grey and black represent protection, formality and strength.
  • Keep in mind that black can reduce the room, so choose black coloured wallpaper in large, bright spaces.
  • Black indicates that you have self-control and are disciplined
  • Black also gives the impression of authority and strength.

Black wallpaper favourites at Boråstapeter

As Sweden's biggest-selling wallpaper brand, we cater to a range of personal, home interior styles. With our black wallpaper designs you can create the ultimate style statement, transforming your space and refining your look. Why not browse our collection of black wallpapers and find some inspiration?

We make wallpaper easy

Our EasyUp wallpaper is mess-free and easy to hang. As demonstrated in this short video, you simply add glue directly to the wall and hang the wallpaper up! We also offer you the chance to order wallpaper samples online for home delivery, so you can see exactly how the wallpaper complements a room in your home. 


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