Eastern Simplicity

The harmonious handmade patterns of traditional Asian artwork are married with modern Scandinavian wallpaper craftmanship. Find your place to unwind with Eastern Simplicity.

Discover a slower perspective in your home with the matte tones and authentic patterns of Eastern Simplicity.

Across 38 wallpapers, 11 gorgeous patterns and 3 digital print murals, Eastern Simplicity adds a timeless style and comforting ambience to every room in your home.

From the bedroom to living room and hallway, the organic patterns and mythical landscapes of this wallpaper collection will soothe the senses. Enjoy spaces where the imperfect is true perfection and time can flow.

Temple Tree

Combining the elegant and intricate beauty of traditional Japanese prints with the latest innovations in modern styling, our Temple Tree wallpaper is available in four exquisite colours. Hang it in your living room or workspace to create a look that’s achingly on trend.

Ink Bamboo

Featuring a delicate oriental print set against a rice-paper backdrop, our beautiful Ink Bamboo wallpaper uses traditional Japanese imagery to create timeless and calming spaces. Available in three pretty palettes, it’s the perfect choice for living rooms, office spaces, and dining areas.

The Wave

Featuring a beautiful and tactile surface print, The Wave wallpaper brings the elegance of traditional oriental artwork and the mesmerising aura of the ocean into your home. Available in three unique colours, it is the ideal choice for luxurious interiors.

Umbrella Leaves

Beautifully hand-painted by Noomi Spange, our Umbrella Leaves wallpaper incorporates a series of intricately drawn and opulent flowers. Available in three sophisticated colour schemes, it’s an ideal choice for bedrooms and offices, injecting a sense of joie de vivre into your home.

Dancing Crane

Exquisitely painted by Emma von Brömssen in watercolour, this wallpaper depicts the springtime dancing ritual of the crane. A bird revered in many Asian cultures, this wallpaper brings walls to life in a sophisticated manner. Ideally suited to your bedroom, living room or study – choose from four lovely colour settings.

Magical murals

Hokusai - A Japanese work of art

The Hokusai mural has been developed in collaboration with the Röhsska Museum. A Japanese woodblock print by the artist Katsushika Hokusai. Katsushika Hokusai was one of the most prolific Ukiyo masters (Ukiyo means “pictures of the passing world”). This is one of the woodblock prints from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji: River Tama in Musashi in Kai Province, Edo.

Original dimensions: 24.7 x 36.7 cm, from the end of the 1830s.

* The Röhsska Museum is a museum of design and crafts, fashion and architecture with extensive collections of historical significance and relevance, but the focus is equally on relevant future issues. At the Röhsska Museum, things, people, and perspectives from different eras meet to challenge ideas about design and society from the point of view: Design is everywhere and affects us all.

Hokusai, print by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Indigo Garden

This beautiful, hand-painted design by Noomi Spange is inspired by the unique beauty of traditional Japanese art. Available in four lovely colour palettes, Indigo Garden wallpaper pictures a detailed and elegant garden landscape to give rooms a sublimely stylish feel.


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