timeless and harmonious


Effortlessly stylish, timeless and harmonious. Single-coloured wallpaper with a Linen texture gives rooms a still shimmer and a soft textile feel.

Explore the wonderful craftmanship of our latest Linen collection. Updated with muted mid-tone colour settings and warmer palettes, the wallpaper’s linen structure adds a soft and cosy feeling to rooms.

Our beloved Linen collection is broadened with gorgeous new mid-tone and muted colours. It has a versatile, Scandinavian style that suits any room from kitchens to hallways, bedrooms to living rooms. Printed in Viared outside Borås, according to more than 100 years of crafting tradition, Linen wallpaper has a wonderful tactile structure that creates homely and welcoming environments for you to escape to.

“Sensual and simple, Linen’s harmonious, single-coloured wallpapers create truly balanced spaces.”

Adored neutrals

Tranquil wallpaper in neutral shades creates a calming background in rooms. Discover bright surfaces like Calm White and Vanilla Linen, but also a little more saturated shades such as Vintage Wood and the light, oat-coloured Linen Oat.


Nature's green

A green colour scheme creates natural harmony. Here are pale green shades such as Soft Jade and Sage Green, but also stronger green tones like the fresh green of bay leaves and a trendy, warm olive green. Minty Green is a lovely mild turquoise with blue undertones.


Divine blue

Cool, calm shades that give rooms a quiet, relaxed feeling. Here you will find, for example, Cloudy Linen which is light blue with splashes of grey, but also the mid-blue Deep Lake and the delightful Dusty Denim with green undertones.


Timeless grey scale

The grey palette is timeless and fits any room. Grey shades also have the ability to lift the surrounding space in a beautiful way. Wallpapers range from the light tones of Airy Grey and Swedish Grey, the slightly darker Dove Grey and Ash Grey, and the soft mid-grey of Dim Linen.


Blushing tones

From sweet pale pink to muted rust red, here are blushing shades in warm and cold tones. The light Rose Clay is a warm powder pink, Soft Blush a little cooler. Heather blends grey and purple while Terracotta Linen has a mild, soft rusty tone.



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