Scandinavian Designers Mini

Play and imagination spread across your walls. Our Scandinavian Designers Mini collection has been updated to include the most popular children’s wallpaper patterns in even more beautiful colour combinations.

Three designs. Three thousand tales. It’s time to dress your walls with playfulness.

Our refreshed Scandinavian Designers mini collection presents yet more beautiful and modern colour combinations for our popular children’s patterns. Designed by prominent Swedish artists, this collection is filled with playful nostalgia and fairy-tale characters. Contemporary style in soft and natural Nordic tones excite the imagination.


Available in four beautiful colour combinations, each creating a different mood for your child’s room, our Charlie wallpaper was designed by Amanda Nordblad. Whimsical and playful, it features cheeky squirrels swinging from oak tree branches and gathering acorns.


Available in two pleasing colour combinations, our Polarn wallpaper was designed by Helene Ekblom. Calm and reassuring yet fun and playful, it depicts shaggy polar bears swimming in the sea and frolicking among the bubbles.

Berså II

For the Berså II wallpaper, we carefully adapted Stig Lindberg's beloved Berså pattern to a larger, more playful scale. This timeless design is printed in three gorgeous colour schemes: green, yellow and grey, all on a light background.


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