Vårt Arkiv

Chosen by heart and reborn in modern colours, Vårt Arkiv has patterns to delight classically styled rooms, retro lover’s walls, the romantic and the trendsetter. Create a personal home for you to love.

Filled with magic from the past, our beautifully crafted collection is inspired by outstanding designs from our precious archive.

Travel from the 1840s to the 2010s and explore some of the most iconic patterns of those decades. Recreated in contemporary colour palettes, from subtle patterns in light shades to detailed designs in rich multicoloured tones, the Vårt Arkiv collection is filled with retro style, Art Deco glamour and stunning florals.

Guided by our love for patterns, allow Vårt Arkiv to add depth and expressions full of joy and warmth to the walls of your bedroom, living room or hallway. This diverse wallpaper collection is filled with gems to enhance the style and character of any home, no matter its age or style.



Our Acanthus wallpaper features a floral pattern, originally hand printed in the 1840s using wooden blocks. Over the years, the design with its naturalistic style typical of its era has re-emerged in a variety of colour palettes. Now Acanthus wallpaper is recreated in dusty pastels — beautiful and warm tones that suit both modern and more traditional homes.



With the Arts and Crafts Movement in full swing, the beginning of the 20th century saw a move from heavy patterns and dark, rich colours to fresh, light and more cheerful designs. Our Vildvin wallpaper has an unmistakably 1910s vibe to it with its informal meandering vine pattern and choice of three discreet and calm colour palettes.


Garbo & Madame

Luxurious and splendid in their appearance, the designs from the 1920s marked an era of new-found optimism after a difficult period in world history. A time of classic elegance, our Art Deco style Garbo wallpaper and romantic Madame wallpaper epitomise the roaring 20s aesthetic. Garbo is recreated in five beautiful colour schemes, while Madame retains all of its vintage charm in a modern digital print.

1940s to 1950s

Nocturne & Bladverk

Dense, winding foliage in a pleasing muted colour palette characterises our Nocturne and Bladverk wallpapers from the 1940s and 1950s. Picturesque, timeless and natural motifs with homely charm. Soothing and calm in children's rooms, kitchens and living rooms, the traditional collagraph print enhances the wonderful craftsmanship.


Schlager & Gråäng

By the middle of the 20th century, wallpaper patterns were less restricted by printing techniques and much more influenced by a range of artistic styles. The relaxed linear patterns in our Schlager wallpaper and the loose style of our Gråäng wallpaper’s floral design breathe elegant 1950s charm.


Anita & Jane

The confidence of the 1970s is encapsulated in our bold and modern Anita wallpaper. While the influential designs of the Arts and Crafts Movement’s William Morris are beautifully rejuvenated in our Jane wallpaper. Both available in three wonderfully eye-catching colour combinations, Jane and Anita are a true tribute to the decade that dared to push the boundaries.



Taken from our modern archive, Alicia wallpaper features a pattern that was originally hand-painted by Sissa Sundling in 2015. A magnificent vintage floral design is expressed in four beautiful colour palettes using traditional collagraph printing. This contemporary wallpaper for modern homes is full of traditional charm and stunning craftmanship.


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