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Orders and purchases

  • How do I order wallpapers?

When you have found the wallpaper you would like, you can order it via your local reseller online or buy it from a physical store. By all means consult your nearest reseller if you would like handy hints and advice on wallpapering.

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  • How do I pay?

If you buy wallpaper samples, you pay online on our website. If you order wallpapers, you pay online on the reseller’s website – or you make your payment in the store if you choose to buy your wallpaper there.



  • Where do I collect my wallpapers, and how long do I have to wait for delivery?

You can collect your wallpapers from the store where you buy them. If you buy from an online reseller, the delivery terms and conditions of that store are applicable.


Wallpaper Samples

  • Can I order wallpaper samples?

Certainly. Your wallpaper samples will be sent directly to your home within 2-3 working days.
Our wallpaper samples are A4 in size.You can order wallpapers from your nearest reseller when you have made your decision.

Find out more about wallpaper samples here


Information about our wallpapers

  • Are your wallpapers eco-friendly and toxin-free?

Yes, our raw materials are provided exclusively by northern European paper groups that work with sustainable forestry. We do not use PVC or harmful solvents in production, and we work only with water-based inks and surface treatments that we can safely process at our own treatment plant. We are constantly striving to reduce our energy consumption when producing our wallpapers, and we are also trying to reduce waste throughout the entire process, from roll production to printing. The waste generated by our production plant in Borås is disposed of and turned into district heating for the town of Borås. And when you receive your finished rolls of wallpaper from Boråstapeter, you will see they are packaged in materials that can be recycled.

Find out all about our environmental work here

  • What do you mean by Non-Woven and EasyUp wallpapers?

EasyUp means that our wallpapers are printed on a quality-assured non-woven material. Non-Woven wallpapers are made from paper pulp with added textile fibres to make the lengths hardwearing, dimensionally stable and easy to hang. EasyUp means that these wallpapers are easy to hang as you apply the paste directly to the wall instead of the wallpaper. This makes for clean seams, as you place the wallpaper strips edge to edge instead of having any overlap. EasyUp wallpapers also offer sufficient opacity for you to be able to cover old wallpapers without seeing the pattern or colour underneath.

Fire resistance rating Europe B-s1.d0, USA Class A, ASTM E84.

The fire resistance rating in Europe for laminated wallpaper is C-s1.d0.

More about EasyUp wallpaper

  • How wide are the lengths?

The lengths (one wallpaper) is 53cm wide (standard wallpaper) 45cm (Mural/digital prints).

Find out how many rolls you need here


Replacements and complaints

  • How do replacements and complaints work?

Contact the reseller where you bought/collected your wallpaper.

You are also welcome to contact our customer service team if you have any questions. 

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Hanging wallpaper


  • How do I hang wallpaper?

Hanging wallpaper with EasyUp is simple. Ask your reseller for tips and assistance, or read everything you need to know about hanging wallpaper here


  • How many rolls of wallpaper do I need for my room?

You can use our wallpaper calculator to calculate the height and width of your room – this will help you to work out how many rolls you should order.

Click here to calculate the number of rolls


  • Can I wallpaper my bathroom?

Our wallpapers are not rated for use in wet areas according to current building standards, although it’s obviously fine to wallpaper an area with just a toilet and a washbasin, where the humidity levels are signficantly lower than in a bathroom fitted with a shower or bath.

Collaborations & competitions

  • Would you like to cooperate with me on Instagram?

We sometimes do collaborations in Social Media. If you think your home feel right for Borastapeter, you are welcome to contact us via DM on Instagram.


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