Christmas crafting with Boråstapeter

We are continuing our lovely collaboration with Malin Mörner. This year she has come up with a new series of wonderful Christmas crafts that you can make from wallpaper. In time for Advent Sunday, Malin reveals how to create a beautiful advent ‘calendar’ of decorative parcels.

Advent calendar

For this you will need: Wallpapers, sewing machine, thread, string and ribbon.

  1. Get out the wallpaper or wallpapers that you would like to use.
  2. Prepare the small gifts that you would like to fill your calendar with. We created an advent calendar for the whole family to share and open together, so we filled it with bits and bobs for children as well as adults. We had the following in our calendar: Christmas tree decorations, scratch cards, chocolates, pens, sweet little messages, coins, cinema tickets and erasers.
  3. Arrange your gifts in the order that you would like to give them. We tend to give something a bit bigger on each Sunday and then small things the rest of the days.
  4. Cut out paper shapes to fit each gift. We cut the wallpaper double and folded each shape in two, but it would also be possible to cut out two separate pieces and sew them together.
  5. Get out your sewing machine and thread it up with a colour you like. Sew up one edge of the parcel, then place your gift inside and continue to sew around it. Leave some extra thread at either end so that you can use the sewing thread to hang the parcel.
  6. Write a number on each parcel and attach a rosette or similar decoration.
  7. Hang the parcels, preferably jumbled up so that the children have to search for the right one. They are lovely hung by a window, a tiled stove or anywhere else you might like.

Wishing you a happy Advent Sunday!

Malin’s wallpapers

Here are the wallpapers that Malin uses in her Christmas crafts. It’s easy to order wallpaper samples and get crafting yourself!

Christmas crafting

Crafts from wallpaper


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