What do the symbols mean?

On our wallpapers you will find a number of symbols that show, among other things, the pattern alignment and washability of that particular wallpaper. But what are these symbols and what do they mean? You will find a list of the most common symbols on our wallpapers here.


This symbol means that the wallpaper takes longer to fade in the sun – i.e. if you have a picture hanging on a wallpapered wall, it should take much longer for a mark of where the picture has been to form. The level “extra light-fast” is above the level of light fastness at which there can be fading in normal residential situations, whereas “light-fast” may mean the wallpaper does fade in locations exposed to lots of sunlight.

Resistant to light

Extra resistant to light

Pattern alignment

Below you will find the symbols that show which pattern alignment applies for your wallpaper. The pattern alignment explains how your wallpaper strips should be placed when wallpapering, in order to create the correct pattern on the wall.

Straight alignment

No alignment

Offset alignment


This symbol means that you can wash off paste while you are wallpapering using a wet rag. The “extra washable” symbol means you can even wash off stains at a later point.


Extra washable


This symbol shows that you can easily get down this wallpaper by plentifully soaking down the wallpaper with sponge, then the glue will lighten and it will be easier to pull off the wallpaper.

Wet strippable

Recommended adhesives

The STB symbol and corresponding adhesive codes appear on the packaging of any wallpaper paste and adhesives that have been tested and approved by the STB. If the STB label and adhesive code on the wallpaper roll is the same as that of the adhesive packaging, it is a good indication that they are suitable for use together.


With PVAc for improved strength

Textile adhesive, machine adapted

Textile adhesive with < 20% dry matter content

Textile adhesive with > 20% dry matter content

Non-woven adhesive

Mark of quality

Assurance from the International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association (IGI)

Hanging instructions

Paste onto the wall

What is EasyUp wallpaper?

EasyUp wallpaper is a non-woven wallpaper, which means that you apply adhesive directly to the wall and then hang the wallpaper. This makes for clean seams, as you place the wallpaper strips edge to edge instead of having any overlap. EasyUp wallpapers also offer a high enough opacity for you to be able to cover old wallpapers without seeing the pattern or colour underneath.

Easy Up

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