Oriental Dreams

Our exclusive Oriental Dreams collection marries oriental design with modern north European interior style. The result is a truly unique and beautiful wallpaper collection with a twist of the exotic.

Among this luxury designer wallpaper from Boråstapeter are wallpapers with a pared back aesthetic which invite a meditative calmness to bedrooms. Elsewhere, intricate medallion and floral patterns are ideal for impressive hallways and living rooms. A rich and varied colour palette includes wallpapers in dark blue, to soft pinks and soothing whites.

Create a space in your home for minds to escape to Oriental Dreams!

Paradise Birds

Delicately coloured in a beautiful palette of pink and blush tones, our pretty Paradise Birds paper was inspired by the Chinese wall art which was the height of fashion in 18th-century aristocratic homes. Charming and elegant with a gentle shimmer as the light catches it, this wondrous watercolour aesthetic looks stunning in bedrooms.

Rosewood Night

Inspired by the majesty of the towering rosewoods scattered throughout the Far East, this gorgeous wallpaper features beautiful floral imagery. The shimmering mica elements add an eye-catching glint as the light catches it.

Eternal Harmony

Featuring a classic trellis pattern, with exquisite gold detailing which shimmers in the light, Eternal Harmony wallpaper adds the most elegant and artistic of accents to modern day interiors.

Boudoir Medallion

Beautiful in its colouring and complexity, our Boudoir Medallion wallpaper has an old-world elegance that will enhance and uplift any interior. Hang it in your bedroom or entrance hall to make the most striking of style statements.

Sahara Evening

Drawing its inspiration from the eternally shifting sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, this striking wallpaper adds a rich depth and complexity to pared-back modern interiors. Elements of mica evoke a luxurious feel as the wallpaper glistens in the light.

Divine Paisley

Inspired by the intricate and lovely patterns woven into Persian carpets, our Divine Paisley wallpaper is the perfect way to express your individuality.

Tangerine Wall

An intricate patchwork of various batik patterns, our beautiful Tangerine Wall wallpaper gives the effect of aged paint and sun-bleached art. This chic bohemian and textured design looks especially lovely in living rooms and dining areas.

Indigo Bloom

Beautifully illustrated with a classic floral pattern, our Indigo Bloom wallpaper has a textile surface and looks gorgeous in bedrooms and lounges.

Persian Decor

Possessing all the beauty of antiquated Persian art, this delightful wallpaper design is mesmerising in its many exquisite details and colours. The design can be customized to suit your desired aesthetic and is repeatable in both height and breadth.

Jaipur Linen

Inspired by a pattern found in 16th-century ceramics, our exquisite Jaipur Linen wallpaper is beautifully coloured and delicately drawn. The textile surface gives a cool vintage look. Hang it in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Bohemian Wall

A striking patchwork of hand-printed batik designs, our Bohemian Wall paper is artistic, intricate, and quite simply exquisite. The design can be customized to the expression you want for your home and to fit the size of your walls. Ideal for dining rooms, halls and staircases – Bohemian Wall is available in two uniquely lovely colour schemes.


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