About Boråstapeter

Our history

Our historic brand dates back to the early 1900s when Waldemar Andrén founded Boråstapeter with his vision that “all Swedes should be able to afford to create a more beautiful home with the aid of wallpaper.”

More than a century later, both Boråstapeter and the world around us have evolved, and to reflect the increasing internationalisation of our brand, we have updated the original vision to “Drawing inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpapers for every home.”

We are proud of the fact that for more than a hundred years, we have been producing wallpapers that reflect contemporary tastes, yet have long-lasting value – both on the walls and in people’s hearts. At Boråstapeter, you will find the wallpaper classics of today and of tomorrow. Our lasting value comprises both style and quality, as well as production methods for a long lifespan.

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Drawing inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpapers for every home.

Our values

Boråstapeter inspires people to create cosy, personalised homes using Swedish-made wallpapers with long-lasting value.

At Boråstapeter, we have always had a strong desire to inspire – through the positive emotions evoked by our appealing patterns, colours and materials, and by sharing our know-how with all of those who, just like us, are inspired to create cosy, personalised homes using wallpaper.

Our pride in fine craftsmanship and quality is reflected on our walls. In collaboration with the wallpaper factory, Boråstapetfabrik, in Borås, Sweden, we have devoted many years to enhancing and fine-tuning every detail of our creative design and production processes. This shines through in everything we do, from our careful selection of paper to our eco-friendly printing techniques and, not least, our passion for patterns.

Choosing a wallpaper from Boråstapeter is a safe choice. With our extensive range of wallpapers to suit all types of interiors and homes, we take great pride in offering products with universal appeal.