Wonderwall AR by Boråstapeter

We are proud to launch Wonderwall AR by Boråstapeter, an app set to revolutionise the wallpaper industry. Thanks to AR (Augmented Reality) technology, the consumer can now leave a new mark on their home with new wallpapers.

All in one place

Wonderwall AR puts Boråstapeter’s entire collection in the customer’s pocket: instead of lugging collection books home, the customer can now test out any wallpaper they want, in real-time, on their own walls.

Naturally the app is free to download, quick to set up and fun. It is easy to browse different wallpapers and save favourites. The measuring tool in the app also calculates the size of the wall, estimating how many rolls of wallpaper will be needed and the recommended price.

Modern technology and a young collaboration

Boråstapeter’s aim is to simplify and improve the wallpaper selection and purchasing process, to inspire those who are considering re-decorating their home.

We are working with five young entrepreneurs who specialise in the latest AR technology. Pick your favourite designs from Boråstapeter’s fantastic selection, and see how they work in your home.

Download our iPhone app and bring wallpaper to your walls!


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