Wallpapers with character

Boråstapeter Studio


Elevate your rooms with wallpapers from Boråstapeter Studio. Blending unique designs with carefully chosen colourways and beautiful patterns, the wallpapers are all custom fit to suit your space and made to order.

Custom fit wallpapers that elevate your rooms.

At Boråstapeter we are proud to create wallpapers for every home, including those that like to go all out when it comes to colour and form. With Boråstapeter Studio we are challenging the idea of what a wallpaper can be, and the role it can play in a space. Here our designers are given greater scope to experiment with innovative designs and patterns, to create wallpapers that help you to achieve a unique home that reflects your personality.

“With Boråstapeter Studio we are challenging the idea of what a wallpaper can be, and the role it can play in a space.”

Boråstapeter Studio is for anyone who wants to elevate a room and create a feeling that goes beyond the ordinary. The wallpapers are printed on high-quality paper, using digital technology that allows them to be custom-fit to suit most needs. This means that you can fill an entire wall with one large motif, transform your living room into a verdant oasis, or conjure up the illusion of a sky in the ceiling. The possibilities for creating a personal home are many.


Bring the great outdoors into the home by decorating your walls with exotic foliage, Nordic flora or the magic of nature. In this way your home becomes a place to rest, relax and unwind.



Want to evoke the feeling of a lush, romantic garden? A floral wallpaper never goes out of style, and lasts season after season. There is something here for every taste.


Our custom fit wallpapers are printed digitally and made to order, which is excellent from a sustainability standpoint.


Custom fit
Easy hanging
Smooth pattern alignment

Rooms for children

Let your imagination run wild and turn your child’s room into an oasis of play. With beautiful colours, fairy-tale patterns and other beautiful designs, you can create beautiful children’s spaces that allow for both rest and play.



Elevate your interiors with scaled-back wallpapers that put the focus on surface textures. Marble, lime, concrete and plaster create a beautiful base upon which interior details and textiles can take centre stage.


Graphic & Abstract

Amplify your home’s clean lines and modern style with graphic, geometric or abstract patterns. These wallpapers suit most homes, lending each space a dynamic feel with lots of character.