In Bloom

With In Bloom, we celebrate flowers in all their beauty and diversity. Showcasing the best in floral wallpaper design, this collection depicts classic roses and trendy peony motifs to bouquets of wild flowers. From gorgeous and grand to delicate and romantic, these wallpapers bring rich, colourful, natural beauty into your home all year round.

Chestnut Blossom

With its stylised, lavish foliage, spacious pattern and beautiful flowers, Chestnut Blossom is a classic design taken from our archives and presented in a bold new expression.


Ornamental floral design at its most striking. Thistle features a hand painted design whose inspiration came from the designers early morning cycle to work. The printing technique allows the pattern to fully release the beautiful shifts in tone to be found in the wallpaper’s watercolour surface.

Symbolically, flowers have always represented renewal and hope. They are physical proof that after a long cold winter, beauty can bloom again. This is probably why they’re used to celebrate special events in our life. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries – all of these days feature flowers in some way.

It’s no surprise then that our floral patterns have always been amongst our most popular –and with In Bloom, we celebrate flowers in all their beauty and diversity. In the collection, you’ll find everything from classic roses and trendy peony motifs to wild flower bouquets. From gorgeous and grand to delicate and romantic, these wallpapers bring rich, colourful, natural beauty into your home all year round.

French Roses

Found in a design book from Alsace first published in 1845, French Roses has an intricate yet sparse pattern, interrupted by richly coloured roses and delicate leaves. Romantic and indulgent, this wallpaper will melt any heart.


A classic from our archives, Camille has a sparse pattern where long, slender stems lead to beautiful, blooming flowers and gently swaying leaves. A striking, elegant pattern with the character to express itself beautifully over four walls.

Spring Garden

Our designer’s own flower garden was the inspiration for this classic floral pattern. Among its rich flora you’ll find tulips, lily of the valley, grape hyacinths and cowslips in perfect balance – not too much, not too little. Welcome to our Spring Garden.

Strawberry Field

Hand painted in Borås Tapeter’s design studio, Strawberry Field is an intricate, tight pattern featuring delicate violets and wild strawberries. Inspired by retro influences and tales from Swedish folklore, this unique wallpaper adds quirky charm to any interior space.


If you’re looking to create a luxurious vibe in your home, Peony’s expressive pattern and rich flowers are the answer. Decadent bouquets spread themselves over a subtly shimmering backdrop, giving the wall the look and feel of soft satin.


From our archives, Foxglove is classic pattern characterised by beautiful bouquets of wild flowers spreading gently over a slightly weathered, softly coloured background reminiscent of patina. Gentle in spirit, this wallpaper is an elegant reminder of times gone by that still works perfectly in the modern home.

Lily Tree

Magnolias are often referred to by their nickname, the Lily Tree. In this wallpaper, they are in spring bloom, a time of year when the flowers themselves have burst forth but the branches are still free of leaves. A sparse, delicately beautiful pattern, Lily Tree has a fine metallic quality enhancing its luxurious feel.

New Dawn Rose

As dawn breaks and light slowly creeps over the flower garden, dramatic bunches of rose and peony slowly reveal their form and colour. A fantastic pattern for those who love floral wallpaper with a dark background.

Prairie Rose

Presented over a textile base, these simple, single roses give the wall an upholstered feel, rich in character and tactile warmth. This luxurious vibe is enhanced by gold, silver and copper details.

Carnation Garden

With its soft colour palette and stunning rose, tulip and carnation motifs, Carnation Garden is a joyful pattern, celebrating the complexity of nature in a lavish, romantic expression of beauty.

Carnation Garden Mural

Depicting a dazzling scene of flowers in bloom, our Carnation Garden mural is riotously rich in colour and character. Compared to the wallpaper version of this Carnation Garden wallpaper, the roses, carnations and tulip blooms are almost four times larger.


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